Koss Kph40

Just got the Kph40’s today. Plugged them into my Holo Spring and Cayin HA6A and wow. Its surprising to get sound of this quality in this small a package. There’s great bass here. And you can hear it kick in on those parts of songs that need it. Midrange seems fine, I could hear the vocals fine enough without coloring. There a little warmth so not the best clarity in the world. But its clear enough and not to veiled.

Separation is surprising also, its like there should be more headphone there. Not the best soundstage. I could hear a little boxiness. Is it better than say a shp9500? No. Is it better than a Aurvana? Probably not. Is it better than a Oneodio headphone? maybe. It has its limitations. can get a little distorted. But its pretty great sound for its minimal size. I hope its price drops to 30$ Then it would be perfect. 25$ Would be a bargain.

How’s the build? Its nice to finally get a Koss product like this with an all metal band and yoke. At least i wont have to worry about that. But the left ear piece snapped off right out of the package. It snapped back on easily enough but i noticed the plastics as i was putting them back together. It looks cheap. How long will it last? I don’t think its gonna be very long :slightly_frowning_face:. The foam pads also seem really cheap.

How will i use them? Well i got my Blessing Dusk IEM’s for when I’m out and about. Got other headphones much better for home. I’d say I’d pull them on when i need them for my laptop to watch youtube and such.


Are the pads the usual Koss size and thus replaceable with YAXI?


Nope not the same size

Hi Antpage,

as a fellow HA-6a user I’m curious what other cans you are using with the amp.

sorry, turns out the Yaxi do fit

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my main ones are the Susvara and VC. Also love the Utopia on them. the DT880 reaches its full potential on the 1/4 port

So, like “all” of the “usual” suspects :slight_smile:

Isn’t Suvara a close call in terms of power?

Impressive Collection, congrats!

Thanks! Not sure about power but it runs the Susvara np

Don’t be sorry, be happy!

Miles better than shp9500’s tested out of a magnius modius stack, a thx 789 paired with a topping D50, and a PA2V2 with a couple of different phones… not sure where you’re getting boxiness on the soundstage either… these things are obscenely wide and deep.