Low Latency Wireless Audio

Hey there peeps,

I’ve been struggling with an issue recently and thought I’d pick this community’s brain.
Tears of the kingdom has some great sound and I want to be able to hear that sound through a good pair of headphones, but my options are somewhat limited.

  • Run a really long wire to the switch’s 3.5mm jack: Good simple solution that works well but requires a wire.

  • TWS solution like the Soundcore VR P10 which uses a usb C dongle to transmit audio without relying on bluetooth: TWS IEM’s aren’t very comfortable for me.

  • Switch onboard bluetooth audio: Latency is terrible through my BTR5, and the codec that the switch uses noticeably affects the audio.

  • APTX LL Dongle + BTR5: I haven’t tried too many of these dongles, but the one I did try produced some annoying artifacts when using APTX LL. I’m not sure if this is a shared issue amongst APTX LL transmitters though.

I think my next course of action is going to be looking for a good APTX LL Transmitter, but I wanted to see if there was anything I was missing that might work better.

I use the digital (optical) out from my TV to a DAC then to my Ragnarok 2. It sounds pretty good that way. I’m currently just using an old set of Grado PS-500s right now.

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Ok, I think I may have found something that works.
This transmitter from best buy was pretty easy to set up and defaulted to APTX LL when being used with my BTR5.

I’m also not noticing any of the weirdness/artifacting that happened with the other transmitter I tried.
It’s a little spendy for a bluetooth transmitter, but it seems to be working really well so far.

EDIT: Right after I wrote this, I started noticing some popping and crackling in APTX LL Mode. I think resetting my BTR5 might’ve made it go away again, but it seems like that codec isn’t super reliable.

That sounds like a wired setup. Though the Ragnarok 2 looks like a really nice piece of gear.

Yeah, it’s wired, didn’t realize you were looking for strictly wireless solutions.
I love the switch but it does have it’s limitations.
My love of Nintendo in general and LoZ in particular (I was in college when the original game came out on NES) has been passed down to the next generation. We have 5 switches (6 if you count the switch lite) and 4 copies of Tears of The Kingdom going at my house right now. Typically the 5th switch is running Animal Crossing.

Hahaha that’s awesome!
I’ve been loving Tears of the Kingdom. I started playing the minute it released and have about 40 hours in it now, which is a lot for me lol.

No worries. One of the best solutions I found so far was just running a wire to a small FiiO amp. Thinking about it more, my tv isn’t super far from my couch, so the wire isn’t that bad of a thing.

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