WiiM mini vs S10 w/USB Audio Player Pro

Hi all, first post.

Current rig:
Sennheiser HD 560s
Schiit fulla e

Streaming Qobuz through Samsung S10 using USBAPP.

Very curious if there would be any noticeable improvements, by using a WiiM mini, through TOSLINK into fulla e.

(Current listening station. WiiM would be attached to the table similarly)

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Calling @Lothar_Wolf come in Lothar. (uses the WiiM Mini)

In terms of sound, I don’t think you have any real advantages, but you don’t have any disadvantages either.

In terms of user technology, you are more flexible in any case.

In your case, you could make the whole system “invisible”.

The WiiM app is extremely user-friendly and I have to say that when it comes to the implementation of Qobuz, I find the applications more successful and informative than in the original Qobuz app.


I would like to say from my personal experience the source is a crucial factor to what you get to hear. I’m not sure if you’re deep enough in the game to get what I am saying, however jitter is a factor and I am not sure how much of a role that plays to be honest. I’ve heard both sides of the story and can’t come to conclusion.

But it’s not a bad idea unless you don’t plan on buying anything else. If your budget is factored in than maybe hold off, if not in this realm of audio a 100 dollars is a drop in the bucket.

I personally had the greatest improvement to my system by leaps simply by getting a quality source and it wasn’t that expensive either.

You may not have the same experience if your dac will bottleneck the performance of the source.

Thank you sir @Lothar_Wolf .
That was in line with my thinking.
Plus I won’t need to go usb c out of my phone, allowing for even better cable management.