Massdrop Campfire Audio Lyra II IEM

FYI all. The CA Lyra II IEM just dropped on Massdrop for $400 after 25 commitments. I personally think this is a great deal! Who is going to pick these up?

If I hadn’t just got the Andromeda I would be all over this! I really like the purple color on these.

Very pretty! My wallet is telling me no, but my heart is telling me yes.

I have the V1 and it is an awesome piece. Rare now that they switched away from the original castings to the new design. Love the sound of this and don’t think I’ll part with mine for some time.
$400 would be a great deal for the v2.

How many Headphones/IEM’s do you have? Seems like you’ve always just got something in or something is on the way.

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I can just picture the Lyra II’s around your ears @DarthPool in all of their purple loveliness. Go on you know you want them. :smiley:.

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I just have the Comets, and now the Andromeda (saw a used pair for about half off), both M1060/M1060C (both modded), HD800, HD700, Focal Elex, Fostex X00 PH. I also have the PC37X for the X1X, pair of beats-x and skull Candy Bluetooth buds for the gym. In route to me Senn jubilee, and Mobius by Audeze.

Edit: headphones peen measured lol

Edit2: I also have the Campfire Cascade they were on my head when I was typing that (long couple days traveling with the lil one to Cali and back for a quick visit with fam, took redeyes so the lil one didn’t bother other passengers)

I do so very much want them…but the wif is picking up on my headphone addiction :wink: And I just picked up a 3D printer…but that Purple…


Ah the wife, my wife keeps my addiction reigned in at the moment. I do tend to impulse buy and can get quite addicted to upgrading if I am not careful. I need keep it all in check, our daughter is at university at the moment and it’s an expensive process. But I would sell all my possessions if it came down to it. My kids come first. Perhaps I can stash a few things in the attic should the need arise. Anyway joking aside. They are very pretty the Lyra II’s. I think the Andromeda’s are superb and are my favourite iem’s now. My beloved Shure SE846’s are in second place, but will stay with me forever.

Have you heard the Lyra II’s? Do you see yourself trying out the Atlas?

I haven’t heard either the Lyra2 or the Atlas, but I hear both are very V shaped. I also put my Daughter first and would sell everything to give her the life I want for her😍.

I am in love with the Andromedas, I will probably sell the Comets or give them to a friend/family member. The Andros are just so much fun to play with, I ordered the new dual flange spinfits and spiral dots, also two cheapish aftermarket mmcx cables to see if I can hear the difference.

I have my Andromeda’s running through my Dap in balanced mode. I have bought 3 aftermarket balanced cables all cheap, most expensive one £30. I know it’s not a small sum but when trying to buy a balanced 2.5mm cable the prices are freaky. Anyway 2 out of the 3 had issues with dropping sound, which was down to bad mmcx connection. So I decided to get a half decent one. I ordered one from Forza AudioWorks based in Poland. First time I have gone for a custom cable. It cost €145 which to me is a lot to pay for a cable. I am being careful what I say as a lot of people don’t buy into cables or balanced output. Me neither before I tried them. I aren’t trying to convert anyone I am just letting you know what’s happened with me. As I say paying thousands of pounds for custom cables seems a bit too far for me. I really need to learn how to do my own.

Before I tried the balanced mode through my Dap I wasn’t expecting anything really just used the cheap cable when it worked but it surprised me with a much fuller sound with sharper notes better clarity and resolution. The bass is better too. It maybe placebo, impedance or more power meaning a louder source, whatever, I don’t really care, it just sounds much better. With the new cable it works all the time with no bad mmcx connections and is a good looking very well made cable. Sorry for the long post but with you mentioning cables I just thought I’d mention it.

Anyway as you can see I am very happy with my setup and I am enjoying my music. Currently listening to some Jazz. I downloaded a load of stuff from Spotify and am working my way through it. Enjoy your Sunday.

Oh and I have tried some cheap double flange if I recall they came with the Massdrop Plus. They weren’t bad actually. The spin fits should be even better.

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I’ve been wanting to pick up some Forza cables! Also with the Andromeda I think because they are so sensitive to all the things all the time that cables do matter. But with the majority of other headphones I think it doesn’t matter as much if at all. Enjoy your afternoon listening!

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Yes I have to agree it’s much more apparent with the Andromeda’s. They seem to be very sensitive to a lot of factors. With regards to the Forza cables, they’re great and the man who runs it, Matt seems a straight up kind of chap. He doesn’t however have the greatest record in keeping you upto date regarding the status of orders. At least with me anyhow, you can ring him though and chat. It’s a relatively quick turnaround too. 2 weeks from order to delivery. Normal posting option too. So overall very good. I would recommend.

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On the subject of Andromedas, have you guys seen the new Andromeda S? Slightly tuned (whatever that means?!) But more importantly now in the new shiny shiny stainless shell. They are seriously sexy!

Yes, they came up in the actual Andromeda thread/topic, here.

The search function is very useful here.