Massdrop X Hifiman Edition XX

I just got in a lovely 4hr listening session with the Hifiman Edition XX. Even though I’ve only had them for a day, I am already in love. I am including my video first impressions which differs slightly, which happens over time.

Currently using the Focal Elex cables. I also used the HE560 cables. I refuse to use that “stock” cable that was tossed in the box by mistake at the warehouse.

I am using the Monoprice Monolith THX AAA 788 balanced. Also the Geshelli Labs Enog 2 Pro and Archel Pro stack.

Soundwise the Edition XX is just glorious. Bass is extended well, deep and impactful but under control and separation and tone are spot on. Mids are wonderfully displayed with a step back but full sound that is intimate. Mids are clean and clear, have timbre that is sweet and true, I don’t hear any graininess unless it is in the recording. Treble has amazing extension that can soar with the best but has a laid-back approach that keeps the sibilance away but allows for some edginess and crispness. Soundstage is wide but also intimate and engaging. Sounds swirl around the head in an amazing way that just can’t be explained at the moment except with wow. Imaging is good but does seem to lack clarity at times. Details are plentiful and presented well.

I will post impressions on my YT channel and here along with a full review in the future. I can’t wait to get more listening time with the Hifiman Edition XX


As I sit here listening to Yanni on the Edition XX on the Monoprice Monolith THX AAA 788 I am amazed at how beautifully they display all the different instruments. They do it in a peaceful and soft way that is full of life and detail. Such an experience with sounds just dancing around my head in a way that isn’t fatiguing. I am in love :grin:


Live at the Acropolis must sound super fun!! I have never tried a planar before, I’ve been thinking about the HE400i since is inexpensive , but not shure if it is the right one.


I can’t say I have any experience with planars but I really enjoyed the Hifiman Sundara.


Sundara has drop the price in the last couple of months, I think right now is at $350 or $340 on Amazon. This Massdrop edition xx have very good reviews.


The Edition XX are incredible with live recording. Yes Live at the Acropolis is a great sounding recording on these. They place you in the middle of the hall with the audience around you and the stage in front. You get the feeling of being there among friends.

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I haven’t heard the Sundara but for a few moments at Axpona. I honestly don’t recall much about them other than I didn’t dislike or love them. I have the HE560 and love them a lot.

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I just posted a review on YouTube.

Here is a comparision of the 4xx, 560 and Edition XX


I compared the Edition XX and HD600. These are my two favorite open headphones currently. Checkout my video.


Agree with review. Im using them on a 788 THX and Geshelli stack. Recently switched over to the RME Adi-2 Dac and couldn’t be happier.

A really fantastic pair of cans.


I’m in the market to upgrade my HE400i headphones right now. I figure I have about 800-1000 to spend, but only have a Magni 2 amp to drive whatever I buy. My first current inclination is to buy the Ananda’s as they seem pretty easy to drive and can be grabbed for $850 from amazon right now. Or would I be better off getting these Edition XX’s and saving the extra $$$ to put towards a better amp in the future. Suggestions?

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I haven’t heard the Ananda but for a few moments. If memory serves me correctly, the Ananda is a slight, very slight improvement over the Edition XX. Mostly little improvements in clarity and sound stage.

I think that the Edition XX are great but again I haven’t heard the Ananda enough to compare fairly.

If I was making the decision, I would get the Edition XX and save for an upgrade in amplifier. Just my humble opinion.

Thank you for asking. Sorry I can’t give a better answer.

Thank you,

David Sylvia


Hello and welcome @Mintshows.

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