Meze Audio 109 Pro - Official Discussion Thread

Thanks, @Resolve and DMS. Early days, I know, but what headphone in the mid-level price bracket ($500-$1,200) do you think the 109 Pro most resembles sonically?

I ask because I own three over-ear headphones – the Edition XS, HD 6XX and LCD-2C. The 6XX probably is welded to its stand. Doubt I’ll ever sell them. They’re not perfect, but their sound is just so dependable, reliable and predictable with so many genres. I can always count on them.

But I am considering selling either the XS or LCD-2C and buying either the LCD-X or the 109 Pro. I use light three-band analog EQ (JDS Labs Subjective 3) on the XS and LCD-2C, but both still have a few quirks that grate. Namely, the slightly thin mids and leaner bass of the XS and the forward mids and blunted treble of the LCD-2C.

Basically, I’m looking for the bass depth of the LCD-2C with the clarity and detail of the XS. Which of my two choices comes closest, the LCD-X or the 109 Pro? Or is there another option in the price range I should consider for an open-back?

Thanks, gents. Appreciate EVERYTHING you do. :+1:

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Maybe edition XS? It’s got a similar tonal balance, with a few differences. To be clear, the LCD-X 2021 is definitely more technical than the 109 pro. So if it’s between those two I’d personally go LCD-X 2021. But the 109 Pro is also a lot more comfortable.


Thanks for the feedback, man! :+1:

Meze Audio New 109 PRO with MIRCEA FANATAN Managing Director Live from CanJam SoCal 2022! Going live in 10!


Agreed. I have the Hifiman Edition XS and when I saw the 109 Pro frequency response I immediately thought how similar they were:

The 109 Pro looks like it has a bit more mid bass, interesting that the midrange dip is deeper than the HFM.


For me personally, this is the headphone of the year 2022.

Yes, there have been very good products from Focal, Audeze, Dan Clark and Hifiman, most of which are extremely expensive, technically superior and outstanding in specific sound regions.

But none of these bolides captivated me so much from the first note, plus this outstanding comfort and frugality in the selection of the drive source.

A dream for purists, for owners of powerful, expensive amplifiers, the 109pro causes a crisis. :wink::laughing:

There is almost no improvement in the sound of the Meze on a FELIKS Audio Envy (an outstanding amplifier).

The Meze sounds extremely good on an Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt and I always find it difficult to take off the headphones and forego their sound and comfort qualities.

None of the other new releases this year triggered that for me.


Don’t know about on other things but on the Envy, they sure sounded great!


The Envy is an outstanding amplifier!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of getting a kind of private demonstration for the headphone and amplifier range at a friend, which is my hi-fi dealer, all Saturday.

The Envy effortlessly drives every headphone on the market, and really lets every connected headphone shine.

In the Meze collection, the Empyrean and Elite really do benefit extremely from this interaction in terms of sound, the 109pro to a lesser extent, probably due to its efficiency.

The complete ZMF portfolio, for example, sounds incredibly light-footed in combination with the Envy, as if they were designed for each other from the start.

And up to this point in time I had also never perceived the Susvara to be so fluid.

Incidentally, the dCS Lina was used as the DAC, it doesn’t get any better than this at the moment.

It’s a pity that I can no longer wear headphones over my cut auricle for a longer period of time, as this really causes pain.

That’s why I decided to go for a high-end in-ear solution in the future.

For me, in my situation, the 109pro is a comfortable, well-sounding short-term solution for 20-30 minutes.


Can you post your EQ preferences of the 109 Pro? That would be fun, especially since this headphone has made quite a few best of lists for 2022.

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Once I’m able to get the headphone in again I’ll put together a fine-grained one.

I had a chance to listen to one at Capital Audiofest. Even though it was at a show the room was secluded and quiet. It was running off a Oor/Hypsos and I can’t remember the DAC. I found it to be a rather bright headphone and my ears were fatigued after listening to Vicarious by Tool (this is my go to test track). I’m also a wimp when it comes to treble.I think if I could EQ down whatever errant peak was causing my issues then I’d be a lot happier.

Meze carries on with the great work!
What brand do you (all) feel is the best match-up for Meze? What competitor holds the same popularity, quality, and performance standards, even if across price points?

I’d have to say Focal. Nice options for open and closed at many different price points.

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Focal doesn’t offer anywhere near the low price points of Meze at retail price. Yes, the Elegia is available for $300 through the Adorama deal. Otherwise, Focal’s cheapest off-the-shelf can is the Elex, which is $750 normal retail at Drop. It’s cheapest non-collab audiophile can is the Bathys ANC at $800 or the Celestee wired at $1,000.

Meze offers the 99 Neo at $200 and the 99 Classics at $310 off the shelf.

Focal has more mid-range cans available, as before the 109 Pro ($800), Meze’s lineup jumped from the 99 Classics ($310) to the Empreyan ($3,000) if you’re not counting IEMs.

I’d say a better comp is Dan Clark Audio. A variety of beautiful, well-designed and well-built open- and closed-backs at prices ranging from $400 to $5,000. Only difference is I think all or nearly all of DCA’s offerings are planar-magnetic.

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LOL. Hey, your comp was good! Focal does offer a nice, complete line, like Meze. But it’s lacking in entry-level models at normal retail prices that don’t scare the shit out of typical consumers.

We don’t flinch that much at spending a grand on a pair of cans. Tell that fact to a non-audiophile, and their eyebrows peel back halfway up their scalp. :slight_smile:

That’s why I think Meze’s lineup is a smidge more complete due to hitting more price points. Focal aims high end only. Meze aims entry level and high end, with the 109 Pro being its first mid-fi offering.

I consider anything under $400 to be entry level, anything $400-1,000 to be mid-level and anything $1,000 and above to be high end. Your mileage may vary …

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Maybe Sennheiser and Audeze (if the Mobius and LCD-1 are still available). Also, HiFiMan and Dan Clark Audio.



I have a buddy who just got his first proper high end headphone - the Audeze LCD- X and absolutely loves it.

We’re looking for something that provides a little different flavor for his second purchase.

Currently, we are between the 109 Pro and the ZMF Aeolus.

Frankly, I can’t discount him from choosing one or the another because I love both! Appreciate the insight.

I love my LCD-X 2021, and if I were to purchase another open-back it would probably be a dynamic, such as the Focal Clear, Meze 109 Pro, ZMF Aeolus or Aurorus Borealis. I kind of regret selling my Elex and 6XX, as it would have been a nice change of pace from the LCD-X.

Edit: I honestly think I’d go 109 Pro or Borealis; this is based only on what I’ve read and seen, as I’ve not heard either.


They do have the Listen and the Listen Pro, which are around 200 - 250.

They are not really aimed at the audiophile headphone world but they do show up on a lot of “general consumer” stores.