What's in the box!

Lol :joy:, sacrifice is a strong choice of word, acquisition is what I would call it. And to add salt to injury, she uses it with an iPhone and Spotify :scream:

Here is my favorite picture

How are you liking those D8000s? I hear great things about them.


Holy crap. You’re an amazing ZMF carrier. God those are beautiful headphones and I wonder if you went through new toy syndrome and just held them up to your eyes and analyzed every facet of the design. Lol I did this with the D/8000 and to answer your question. Yes. I really do love them because of the relaxed tuning they carry. My friend, I can honestly listen to any kind of music even if it’s really poorly recorded to a reasonable degree. For instance I love so much metal and for the longest time I couldn’t listen to bands like Disturbed because of the hot compressed sound they use to choose how the music sounds. On a HD 800 disturbed’s music is absolute murder. Now on the D-8000 ? Bearable. This is just an example of how the D-8000 can allow many different types of recordings to be acceptable. I love that and that is what has been missing in my stable for many many years. :slight_smile:

Also. My god. The design of these headphones. Wow. Just wow. Such quality.


Oh these are purdy. Like damn gorgeous. There are a good number of things to figure out right now, but I do know in the morning I am going to hop in the chat bugging Alan to give a message I’m eternally grateful for him, Taron, Andrew, April, Kyle, Paul, DMS, Andrew Park (Resolve), and everyone else over on their team for the years of constantly answering way too many questions from me. They always help me figure out what I want. I love them so much lol :laughing:


Just little things:


Can’t wait to hear your impression of the CA IEM. I really hope they are something special :cowboy_hat_face:


Yeah, nothing much! :laughing:
Curious to hear your thoughts on the Meze, it’s gorgeous.


It’s that collection of amps under the monitor that gets me. You’ve got a lot of combinations to try.

Mark Gosdin

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Get me some fancy stemware cloth and I can happily turn it into a dust cover for my gear.

This came in today:

I have OCD and I approve this message. :grin:


Can you now do the video where the cloth is underneath and you pull it away, without breaking anything?


Do spiders ever come out?


I bet if you covered it while listening you’ll get a blacker background!


Nah everything would just sound veiled


How to make Cavalli gear sterile and dull with one cloth. If I’m not mistaken, my wife said something like that when she saw it. :hot_pepper: :see_no_evil:


Not so much headphones related (for now at least) but still exciting new (for me) piece of audio gear.


Linear Tube Audio Z40+ Integrated Amplifier


I’ve had this for a few weeks, hadn’t gotten around to posting it until @Nephilim_81 got me to post this pic on a different thread. I’ll do one on the tube glow thread in a bit, that Elrog rectifier really lights the room up!


Unfortunately my OCD prevents me from putting any such cover over my Cavalli amps. Because I’m too worried that I’d accidentally put the cover over the amp while the amp was on and end up overheating the amp.

One of my amps is the Cavalli Liquid Fire. Which has neat windows on the front that let you see the tubes and the black circuit board. That black circuit board lets me see all the dust that has settled inside the amp. Even with that visual of all the dust inside the amp I’m unwilling to put a cloth dust cover over the amp because my paranoia has dreams that I’ve put the dust cover over the amp while the amp was still on.

For me your animated gif is the gif of paranoid nightmares. OMG I’ve put the dust cover on while the amp is on. Or OMG the amp mysteriously turned on while the dust cover was on.

The Liquid Fire actually comes with a fabric cover with elastic like a form fitted bed sheet. I’ve never put in on the amp other than when it is in storage or being transported and physically unplugged.


I know the LCD-3 has been around forever, but I just recently heard it at CanJam SoCal and found a deal on one so here it is. I actually prefered it over all their other models I demoed. Really love the mids which seemed more forward than all the others. Something to tide me over until I get the Caldera.


Creamy mids.

The higher impedance of the LCD-3 does pair better with some amps and makes them preferable to other Audeze headphones that have gone to low impedance designs.


The most important thing, they sound good to You. Sit back ( Maybe with a beverage of your choice. ) & enjoy.

Mark Gosdin


By the time of filming I forgot to turn the DAC off. So that did send the wrong messaging. Not to start a paranoia battle but I do have a master switch to prevent gear overheating by that blanket. And when the switch is on I do lift the curtain and do a double checking. It can be difficult sometimes. :weary:

When I finished that stack I did purchase some pads to space them. Did a ton of testing and ended up returning the pads. Hats off to Mr Cavalli w.r.t. thermal management. As long as the vents are not blocked, the gear stays well ventilated.