Moondrop Blessing 3 - Official Thread

Here’s the place to discuss all things to do with the Moondrop Blessing 3:

We were sent a couple of samples to test. Here’s the measured frequency response:

Note this is with the official GRAS RA0402 coupler, which doesn’t have the coupler resonance in the treble that you find with clone 0045 couplers, so it shouldn’t be cross compared to measurements done on those.

Naturally it measures well, and there are some refinements over the previous model, particularly that the treble is a bit more balanced, and the bass is enhanced with a more distinct shelf.

Now… to my ear, there’s definitely still a lower treble quirk around 6khz, and this was present on the Blessing 2 as well. Not everybody noticed this, but for those who are sensitive to this region, it’s worth considering. Additionally, while it measures well, I personally also tend to find these types of well tuned IEMs to have a bit too much ear gain at 3khz for my ear canal, and the Blessing 3 is no exception.

The flip side is that if there’s not enough energy here things can lack clarity. So, if you were fine with this region on the Blessing 2, you should have no problem with it on the Blessing 3, as it certainly has all that clarity.

In my opinion this IEM is going to do very well, and while the more distinct bass boost isn’t going to be for everyone, I think it’s probably going to be enjoyed by most listeners.


  • Bass is quite distinct, with a punchier sound, at the cost of a leaner lower midrange.
  • Subjective ‘technicalities’ are about on par with the Blessing 2, but the bass does still sound better to me.
  • Build and design are top tier in my opinion - love the way that faceplate looks and feels.
  • Comfort is very good, some may still have issues with the thicker nozzle and larger shell, but I feel this fits even better than the Blessing 2 did.

I know a lot of people wanted more treble extension on b2, I wonder if this has that?

This looks neat. Can’t wait to hear it!

Is it even thicker than the Blessing 2? I’ve always held off on that one because I was afraid it would be too big for my ear canals. I am comfortable small tips on the Truthear Zero - if this is bigger, then I might have to hold off, as good as it looks specs-wise.

Moondrop officially stated on Head-fi that the nozzle/bore diameter was reduced to 5.8mm from 6.5mm.


Ahh I see Resolve had the leaner lower mids part too, I had the same whereas a few others experienced just shouty upper mids and a more neutral lower mids: MOONDROP Blessing 3 In-Ear Monitors Review | TechPowerUp


Thats not the Dusk in the chart graph is it? Doesn’t it seem that would be the one to compare since it is most beloved?

That’s a reference curve in the graph. Dusk is a good comparison, but not a reference curve.

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Thank you for clarifying that. I guess my suggestion is to use Dusk graph as reference, because it is most highly rated in the the blessing series.

Yeah, you ideally shouldn’t use a different product as a reference point, since no product actually is a reference curve. But showing them in relation to one another as a point of comparison is great, and something we’ll look to do in our review.


Understandable. I hope you know my primary point is to just simply have a review where they are compared.

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Moondrop 3 is really nice. I really like my set.

Owned the B3 for some time now since its release. I can safely say this set is amazing.I got mine for less than $300 brand new so this is a great deal for me. I’ll just share my experience with the Blessing 3.

The Bad:

  1. Like its big brother, Moondrop Variations, its mid bass sounds thin in regards to male vocals.
  2. Its upper midrange can sound bright to people sensitive in that area.
  3. Its bass will sound lacking in its quantity to those whose music taste needs more bass.

The Good

  1. Probably the best treble response under $500 in my opinion. Its soundstage and imaging is just wonderful that I only get a similar experience with the SA6 MK2 or Variations.
  2. Separation is really clean. You will NOT have trouble pointing out the detail or sound you hear.
  3. Female vocals are just chefs kiss lush and natural. My music taste is mostly J-Pop and K-Pop and boy does it make all the vocals sound exceptional in all aspects.
  4. Tonality and timbre is life-like and natural. I’ve only heard better tonality from the Thieaudio Monarch MK2, and better timbre in the 64Audio U12T.

How to fix The Bad?

  • Add 4db to the bass from 20hz to 300hz. Better to use an EQ tool from a Squig site too. Once you’ve done this, the thinness of male vocals is COMPLETELY GONE. It has no weaknesses anymore.