Mr Speakers /Drop Ether CX Closed

Dan Clark Audio (Mr Speakers) Drop Ether CX Closed headphones: Price drop from $900 to $750.

I just bought a set. Sharing of info in case anyone was looking at those.


Hi @rrwwss52 How do you like the Ether CX? I was thinking about picking up a second hand pair for around $600 if I can find them. I need a set of good closed backs for working at home. Iā€™m just starting out my audio journey and am open to different sound signatures. I already have Nightowl Carbons, Fostext T20 rp and Focal elex. Thanks for your help.

They are nice headphones. Good response, comfortable. I would also consider Focal Elegia. You might be able to get a deal on a pair of Elegia since it appears they are being discontinued. I paid $750 for my Ether CX new from Drop.