Mr. Speakers Massdrop x Collaboration

Has anyone heard anything about these?!?! They look like they could be a very cool can, I would want to hear them before purchasing but on paper they look like they would fill a gap in my current lineup

I got an email about these and looked through it. They kept referencing the phones as open back, but on the website they are closed back that “sound” like open back. Whatever that means. Makes me confused.

Usually open backs sound open because…well they are. You can hear what is going on around you and some of the sound will escape. I wonder how they got that to happen in these phones?

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I was almost tempted by these as a final addition to my closed-back headphone collection. Until I realized they’re based on the non-“Flow” version of the headphones. Which renders them “not much use” from a reference/review perspective for me - particularly where it seems the only non-Flow Ether series headphones Mr Speakers now sells are refurbished (which I assume is a fairly finite supply).

Not that this means anything if you just want them to use them to listen to music. And they’re one of the more interesting/pretty looking headphones out there. But I’d be using them for review/comparison purposes as well - so being current/available is rather important!

I shall have to get my ears on the Aeon and Ether C Flow models at RMAF and see if I want to buy one/both of those based on how that goes.

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