MrSpeakers Ether C Flow and Ether Flow v 1.1

MrSpeakers just released new versions of the Ether C Flow and Ether Flow . 1.1

Price has also gone from $1799.99 to $1599.99 which makes them a little more competitive. I imagine Dan will have some units to sample this weekend at RMAF so it will be interesting to see what kind of changes they made.

Also for those who have an Ether Flow already, they are selling upgrades for $29.99.


I am including the e-mail they sent out to everyone on their e-mail list which provides a little more information than what’s on the website instead of differences. Although if you are looking for the tech stuff, it isn’t there because MrSpeakers isn’t big on posting specs and fancy tech terms.

" A Classic Just Got Better

Introducing ETHER Flow 1.1, a fun update to MrSpeakers award-winning line of open and closed planar magnetic headphones.

After the release of our ÆON headphone, a number of customers requested a tuning kit for their ETHER Flow, so we went back to the drawing board to see if we could extract some more fun from these wonderful headphones. We set a few goals before we started:

  • Make it sound noticeably better
  • Introduce flexible tuning similar to our ÆON line
  • Make upgrades user-installable and keep the upgrades affordable, if possible

Well, it WAS possible, and we’re pleased to introduce ETHER Flow 1.1, available for order now at only $1,599.99, and including our new VIVO super-premium cable. New headphone orders will begin shipping in approximately one week.

Sonically, the 1.1 upgrade delivers the following benefits:

  • Larger soundstage
  • More resolution
  • A smoother bass to midrange transition on ETHER C Flow

A Blast for Your Past
And if you already own and ETHER Flow headphone, there’s great news, too! Your headphone can be upgraded to 1.1! We have upgrade kits for current owners at just $29.99.

Available immediately the upgrade installs in just minutes, no tools required. We do recommend new ear pads if your ETHER Flow was ordered prior to July 1, 2017, as our more recent pads offer improved bass response.

Price Protection for Recent Customers
Customers who ordered new (no open box, used, etc) ETHER Flow headphones from an authorized reseller within the last 90 days are eligible for some exciting upgrade options. For terms and conditions, follow the link to the upgrade ordering page."


Just got an email about the Ether 2 as well! 290gram planar magnetic that’s got a large driver. Sounds great to me! Not the $2000 price tag though. :frowning:

<.< getting more and more tempted to grab one of these bad bois has any one heard it/them

I listened to them briefly at RMAF. I had not heard the previous Ether Flow though so I could not say how the 1.1 differs from the previous model for sound.

I only listened to them for about 2 songs on a noisy show floor though so impressions should be taken with a grain of salt. They sounded similar to the AEON Flow Closed but a little more airy. Their soundstage was a little wider but the songs I listened to weren’t great for testing. If you like the MrSpeakers sound you will probably enjoy these. These also sound noticeably better than the AEON Flow Open.

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