MrSpeakers Voce Electrostatic Headphones - Official Thread

The MrSpeakers Voce is MrSpeakers stab at an electrostat headphones. We got the chance to try them out at CanJam SoCal 2018 and they sounded pretty damn good although it was a bit of a noisy environment so definitely was not getting the best out of them. MrSpeakers had them hooked up to the Blue Hawaii SE electrostat headphone amp which is around 5 grand so between that and the Voce, it was close to a 10 thousand dollar setup which is definitely insane.

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Add to that the Chord TT2 and Chord M-Scaler make that $20k

I should have added he had that gear in the chain also.

I’m surprised there’s so little discussion on these headphones. I’m sure there aren’t a ton of people who are going to spend the $5,000+ on the Blue Hawaii, but $4,500 for the Voce and an iFi iESL seems like a reasonable cost of entry. Has anyone tried this combination?

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Yep, and the iFi ESL really doesn’t play loud enough to be useful with, well, any of the cans I’ve heard it paired with, including the Voce and the L700.

Not sure if it’s a power issue, or a gain issue, but I’m not talking about not being able to reach “loud” levels, it didn’t manage “usable” with the L700.

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I did get the above combo of gear that Dan Clark at that show. From everything I’ve read it’s had glowing reviews. I’m still waiting on the M-Scaler. It should be here on Wednesday.
All I can say initially with the Voce, TT2 and BHSE is outstanding and breathtaking.

I wouldn’t try to post impressions on this gear until an extensive burn in, which is as I understand it is about 2-300 hours.

It is my hope this is my " End-Game"

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I would be surprised if that combination was anything short of breathtaking. I owned the HeadAmp GS-X mkii for a few years and paired it with HE-1000, HD800, and Utopia and it was a great amp. The build quality was great and the sound left nothing to be desired. I imagine that the Blue Hawaii would do for electrostats what the GS-X does for dynamics/planets. That cost, though…



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I feel like this when I’ve done something stupid… Uh oh. Might have to repeat daily…:thinking:

I’d be interested in a short(if possible) comparison of all three headphones. First, second and third if possible. Which one is your favorite if you have one and why.

Yep. I’m waiting on a difinitive "if I can justify it scenario for the SR1Jotunheim r combo. Maybe next year or year after. $5k is tough to spend even if a world beater.

That sounds like a great combo. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Enjoy.

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I could put some thoughts together, but this might not be the best thread for that. Let me see if I can find a good place for them…

Well, I have a pair on the way, though the lack of enthusiasm over at head-case gave me a little pause before pushing the button. Still, I want to hear something “different” from what many refer to as the Stax signature sound. These will be run on a custom-built T-2 amp and Carbon CC amps, alongside a Stax 009, and a couple of 007s. Source is Roon Nucleus+ going through an MSB Select II. I have a couple of other new cans as well, so it may take a little while to form definitive impressions, though DCA only gives one 15 days to make a stay-or-go decision [that’s not a complaint; just an observation of the deadline].

P.S. Is there some way to turn off the “auto-Amazon” feature here? Every time I type “T2,” the HTML editor embeds an uneditable link to some cheap earbuds on Amazon. That’s why I hyphenated T-2, and I didn’t want to type SRM-T2, as I think that might be a bit misleading. It’s pretty annoying. The link contains referral codes for this forum. Now I have no problem with helping people make money, but it seems to me such activity ought to be disclosed, and it ought to be switchable.

You can read about how the forum is funded here How is The HEADPHONE Community Funded?


Thanks for that. As I said, I have no problem with people making money and funding worthwhile ventures like this forum, and shame on me for not noticing and grokking this when I first joined. And thanks for not b*tch-slapping me over it. :wink: I discovered when I made the original post that I can overwrite the link, though in this case, I didn’t want any link, and I didn’t see any way to do that.