JansZen Audio - New Lotus Headphones & Kickstarter

JansZen Audio is currently developing a new headphone that you can find here https://www.janszenaudio.com/headphones.

There’s some interesting technologies going on with the headphones.


JansZen Audio, longtime high end electrostatic speaker maker, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to take its prototype portable electrostatic headphones to production.

These are fully self-contained electrostatics that are sensitive enough to drive from a phone and take anywhere. They are not electrets, but true, wide range electrostatics with a polarization supply built in.

Come have a look. :slight_smile:


I’m intrigued.

Not enough to back any Kickstarter (I’m not a gambler; where my money is concerned I like sure-things … unless we’re talking colonization of deep-space/man-on-Mars/furthering the species level investments).

Hopefully these will turn out to be more coherent than the ENIGMAcoustics Dharma.

Good luck!


I have been bitten a couple of times by this…one specifically notorious Kickstarter headphones that failed to launch that was quite expensive…now I will back kickstarter indie Gogo if they are established and only use the service to get the initial run of something out for a bit cheaper (tin HiFi, comes to mind, some backpack companies, etc) but I’ll still on occasion gamble $100 or less on these types of things…

Currently waiting on a cool desk art piece based on a camera aperture for drawing circles made of brass/bronze…and a EDC wallet…lol

That being said, I think this is intriguing and look forward to hearing more about it! I’ve yet to be compelled by an electrostat headphone…maybe you guys/gals will be the one!!

Good luck! And Cheers!

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