BGVP&Fearless Electrostatic

Basically I got this message from BGVP in WeChat.
Too lazy to translate the whole thing but basically:

ES12– 4electro, 4knowless, 4BA $1~1.5k
ES8– 2
electro, couple BA, $700~800
VG4– 4BA $300
DX5– earbud, ~$80
DH3– 2
BA, 8mm DD $150

Seems like Chinese reviewers appreciated the electrostatics, would you trust BGVP with electrostatics tho?

Fearless also sent me this this morning:

La Hire— 2BA, 2Electro, $TBD
Roland— 1DD, 2BA, 2Electro, $TBD
Lancelot— 6BA, 2Electro, $TBD

Those of you that are fans prob have heard of these already. Just informing the ones that don’t know about this yet.


Bgvp seem to know what they’re doing for the most part recently. The drivers are really electret not electrostatic (unless I’m totally wrong on this). I don’t know why they market it as such.

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