My First Video Headphone Review

Hey y’all, I’ve been working with Andrew and Taron to start making some reviews of headphones.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not an audio professional or experienced headphone guy… I’m just an enthusiast who happens to have a large youtube channel reviewing gear.

I’ve just finished the first one… Cascade from Campfire Audio is the headphone.

I was nervous about it because the audio world is such a persnickety place. But, that’s part of why i felt compelled to make reviews on audio gear… to tell my truth about this stuff.

So, here it is in case you get bored enough to watch a mad person talk about a very challenging headphone.


I should be getting my Cascades in the mail next week hopefully. Can’t wait to try out the songs you listed, and compare how I experience them :smile: I’ll try an put a quick review together also ( I am also not a audio professional and tend to approach reviews as an average consumer who likes gadgets, technology, and especially audio gear).

Great review, I look forward to your take on the other headphones you are trying out! I will say I had one OCD peeve with it…the dropping and rough handling of the headphones…not a big deal but I winced every time, be prepared for more audiophile types to take umbrage lol, that being said I’m a fan of treating things without kids gloves on, and headphones are no different.

Also now I’m watching your reviews of bags…another dive I went down awhile ago…damn it…now I might need a new bag…

Once again looking forward to more of your reviews! Great review, and I like how you approach the review in a personal way and I appreciate how you give it a personal touch and a less technical one. I’ve always preferred that style (I also appreciate the technical reviews, but like the personal ones better). Also that you are a musician and producer is a nice reference to have and I appreciate your experience in those fields coloring how you are experiencing headphones as a hobby and not just as a tool of the trade. Very cool, thanks again for the great video review!


Great review man!

It’s nice to see some enthusiasm in a headphone review (which is not usually the case). Subjective experience is what I get the most joy out of watching because its such an honest experience. If this was 37 minutes of tech specs your video would probably be playing in the background while I was doing something else instead of front and centre!

I never actually played around with the tuning pads when we had them in. I’m happy you did and happy I didn’t bother with them. Looked like a real pain in the ass!

Since talking back and forth with Chase I have watched many of his bag reviews and realized that I seriously need to step my bag game up. Like really bad.


Great job Chase! This is the kind of review that will open our world to a wider audience. That’s a good thing.

I think reviewers of high end headphones feel a lot of pressure to conform to the technical review format. You managed to make something entertaining and informative by approaching this topic honestly as Chase Reeves.

I should add that my wife won’t listen to me talk about headphones for more than 2 minutes but watched your entire 37 minute video and enjoyed it. That is a massive accomplishment.


Great review! I think your video is excellent for those who are new to the audiophile headphone world. You did a great job describing the sound especially when you were talking about the bass in Lose yourself to dance for example. The video was a bit long but hey I wasn’t bored. Keep making more reviews! It’s refreshing to see new reviewers.


I liked your review. Would have liked it better at 25 minutes…

A few questions - you are NOT using a headphone amp with the Cascades. Have you tried using one? I’ve found that it often clears up some of that bass muddiness, even if you’re not using more volume.

Are you streaming from your iPhone? Listening to downloaded music? Lossy? On iPhone, I usually default to Apple Music, but I do have some lossless tracks, and with a Dragonfly, you can listen to higher resolution. Again, headphones can bring it out or cover it up.

Finally … I’m most happy to find someone that reviews bags!!! As a financial advisor for Edward Jones, I still occasionally knock on doors, and I do make house calls. I’ve gone from a briefcase, to a light briefcase, to a notepad in a zippered case that will also just fit my iPad Pro.

One of these days I’m going to ask you about some smaller canvas options. Leather is just too heavy.

Keep it up. And review some under $100 phones when you get a chance.


Great notes, y’all! Thanks so much for watching and for taking the time to share your thoughts here.

@pennstac, to be clear, I do all my critical listening on DAC/Amps. For cascade I mostly listened on the Phonitor X from SPL. I also listened to lots and lots of FLAC and a/b’d that with streaming high quality on Spotify. I personally couldn’t tell the difference. (in fact, lots of my Flac was ripped from 90g vinyl and I prefer the spotify streams to the cracks and pops.)