My wireless headphones do not allow simultaneous listening to them and my surrounds with my new tv and receiver

Hi havent been here in awhile but here is my problem hope someone can help if this is not correct place let me know ASAP!
Just purchased new Sony x900h Android 4K and Sony STR DH590 5.1receiver.
When the wireless headphones are used the surround speakers shut off regardless if I use digital optical or RCA audio outs from my cablebox or the new TV or try to view Amazon fire stick or Apple Tv 3rd generation.
I use Sennheiser RS-195s and TD-120s neither work even with the surrounds off if I plug in my Sennheiser HD 598s into front jack on the receiver they work but the surrounds shut off.
There has to be a ‘workaround’ for this someone please help!!
My wife needs the headphones and I want to listen with the surrounds at the same time.
I never had this problem with my now dead 2009 Samsung LED TV and my 1995 Yamaha high end AVR or my even older Onkyo AVR please help bobbmd

Shouldn’t all the speakers shut off if you plug in headphones to the receiver? How do you have your wireless headphones connected?

Are you sure you have all your devices set to output in surround sound?

Different TVs have different specs. It looks like the newer Sony Android TVs have specific instructions as to how to get audio to two different devices here:

In short, according to the article, try connecting your DH590 receiver to digital out of your TV and the Senns RS-195s receiver to analog (3.5mm Jack) out.

Hope that works for you!

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@jimbo thanks for the reply and YES all the speakers shut off if I plug into the headphone jack on the front panel of the new Sony receiver and ONLY the headphones work but only the Sennheiser HD 598s work the 2 wireless Sennheiser do not work at all. All other forms of connections optical RCA to TV or receiver don’t work at all.
I THINK I found the workaround— I use the digital optical out from the new tv to the RS-195s change the audio to “TV speakers” from the TV remote the receiver then goes to “MUTE” I then turn off the mute using the the receiver remote and then BOTH the RS-195s work and the surrounds are on. This is a real PIA and this is not found anywhere on the very poor internet only guides provided for the TV and the only thing the printed receiver manual says in very small print is that “when using headphones plugged into front panel of the receiver the surrounds will not function”— not one offering to get both to work simultaneously which IMHO is pure BS because both worked on my old TV and AVRs— so anyone else out there in Headphone Land if you having same problem I fixed it by fiddling around with the settings. Bobbmd

I would do what @phillyphil suggested. The DH590 doesn’t have a preamp out, which would be the other option to power your headphones.

@phillyphil thanks for the reply but your suggestion defeats the whole purpose (supposedly) for HDMI(arc) ie less wires and connections. See my reply to @jimbo and the PIA workaround I found by fiddling with the varied settings of speakers and home theater on the TV and I bought that inexpensive but very good 5.1 receiver to keep everything as simple as possible never thinking they SONY would eliminate something that was easily done on 10/15 year old equipment thanks again—- so far my fiddling was the workaround I needed bobbmd

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We might be able to help better if you gave more details on how everything is hooked up…but I suspect your workaround might be it.

I don’t think you can have both: a simpler, fuss-free setup AND having surrounds and headphones work at the same time. Pick whichever is more important and work towards that goal.


Thanks but I now have both as I did before with my older now dead TV and my 2005 and older AVRs— changed the speakers on tv to TVs speakers the receiver goes to mute then unmute it and the surrounds come on and the RS-195s work(connected vis digital optical out on the TV) thanks for you help and comments/suggestions—hopes this helps others out there with the same problem. Just seemed incredulous that 2 or more people couldn’t use headphones and listen to surrounds at the same time-just didn’t make any sense at all and bigger question is why didn’t SONY explain this!! Bobbmd