Help setting up Sennheiser RS 175 with home theater


I recently purchased a Sennheiser RS 175 to work with my home theater, but it does not appear it’s going to work. The instructions only tell how to connect it to the TV and that does not work for me. My home theater is set up with everything connected to my receiver (Yamaha Aventage RX-a1050). My Xbox One, PS4, SNES Classic and cable box all connect to the receiver via HDMI. The receiver is then connected to the TV via HDMI. The receiver does not have optical out.

Because both the receiver and TV support ARC, I thought that the audio signal would pass to the TV along with the video on the HDMI cable, however, when I connect these headphones to the TV’s optical out, I don’t get any sound from any of these devices. I do get sound from the TV itself, but nothing else. If you can offer any suggestions, I’d appreciate it. If not, please recommend a good set of Bluetooth headphones for watching moves/TV.


Could it be a setting on the tv to enable the optical out?
If everything is going to the AV then normally the AV would process the sound and sent it to your speakers connected to the AV. However, you say that the sound does come out of the TV speakers. Because of this, it is strange that the optical out of your tv does not work in this case.

Just for the sake of it, have you tried the 3.5mm audio jack?
Another thing you could test is, if your cable box or one of the other devices has an optical out, to connect the transmitter directly to that device.

Just a few things to try :wink:


Have you swapped your TV settings to PCM for audio output? This is a pretty common issue.


I can connect it to the receiver using the headphone jack, the problem with that is that I have to continually plug it in and then unplug it. I’d like to get a solution that I can just leave. I have not been able to determine how to get the audio signal to the TV. The HDMI output from my receiver just seems to send the video signal as when I connect the headphones to the optical out on the TV, I get no sound at all. The TV only has a couple of settings, TV speakers or Audio Out. I’ve tried them both and no sound.