Nautilus Flagship Personal Audio Tubed Integrated Amplifier ampsandsound

Yes tube rolling is such a deep rabbit hole. The G73R is fine, I can’t say I’ve tried many others but so far it doesn’t seem like it has anything lacking.
The metal base Mullard GZ34 are great rectifiers but unfortunately one of mine seems to have an internal mechanical buzz; doesn’t affect the music but I can hear it and somewhat drives me nuts.
Sophia 274B blue princess might also be worth considering, not too expensive for the pair.

Those metal base mullards are not easy to get! Sorry to hear.

The sophia 274b look interesting, I’ve never heard of those, and it looks like it has glowing reviews and longevity.

I still have 2 sets of backup amperex 5ar4 bugle boys so I won’t buy them yet, but when I’m feeling flush, theyll be on the list

I went through a bunch of NOS preamp tubes, and the a2900 has is my favorite.

Just be aware that ONLY the blue Aqua version of the Sophia 274B is compatible w/ the Nautilus. The mesh non-blue one is not…


@ampsandsound are you going to capital audiofest this year?

Unfortunately not.
I went big for Axpona and am doing the same for CanJam SoCal… New amp coming and all. I really enjoy Capital but didn’t see the benefits from it I hoped.


Fair enough, was just curious on the new stuff like Red October to hear how they are (also some sick horn speakers I see you always rocking).

Maybe Axpona next year I will come through

Headphone or speaker amp? Any info you can share about it? :slight_smile:

Both, many… E all of the above.
The Red October XL is our new flagship. Now 98lbs. Bit wider, and heavier.
New power transformers and the release of our 4th generation outputs… They are a huge deal.

On the speaker side, the Stereo 17 know and the little nugget (EL84s P-P power amp) and the chubby Jinx power amp… 6V6 power amp for speakers 4watts Bigger iron.



Here is a fun custom one Im building.
Black Pearl XL… with Hashimoto outputs.
IMG_9887 Medium Background Removed
IMG_9888 Medium Background Removed