No sound with Mimby v2 / Loki Mini /Eitr

Well, I have my Mimby v2 / Loki Mini eq/ Eitr stack running thru a small dual RCA in / 1 RCA output switch (this comes after removing the bigger Little Bear MC-3 I was using to run balanced thru my Loxjie P20. My other dad running thru the switch works fine with no issue, so I doubt it’s the switch itself. I was having to unplug /replug the coax cable into the Eitr itself when I was using the Mc-3; with that trick, it always worked for some reason. Now I’m getting no sound with the Mimby at all.

I’ve changed coax and USB cables, ports, checked all connections in back, made sure bitrates were matched, etc and nothing seems to fix it. Anyone here have any idea what the issue might be? Thanks!

Did you accidentally touch the button on the mimby? Eitr usb into the mimby but the button got nudged and now it is looking for optical or coax? I never ever EVER have panicked when I’ve done this. Nope never.