Noble Audio Katana in-ear monitor Headphone - Official Thread

This is the official thread for the Noble Audio Katana

Similar with the Kaisers, I would be pursuing these more seriously if I had the financial means. @taronlissimore, have you tested the Nobles as CIEMs or just the universal fits?

I’ve only tried them as universal fit however I found their fits to be among the best fir universal IEMs. Had no issues with getting a seal which I usually do as my left ear canal is a little smaller than the right.

I would describe the Katana’s as neutral not-fun though. They definitely have a market but they aren’t for me. I found the Kaiser Encore’s to be much alive and engaging. I know @andrew enjoyed the Katana’s when he tried them out at RMAF last year. He enjoys critical listening a little more than I do.

What kind of ear tips do you typically use?

I’ve read about the sound signature of the Katana’s vs. Kaiser Encore’s and it’s great that Noble has something for every listener. Personally, I think there is a time and place for neutral sounds and one for engaging, livelier sounds.

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Oh there’s definitely a place for neutral sounds just not on my head! Haha.

Nah in all honesty, I have warmed up to critical listening a little bit over the years. I still couldn’t justify purchasing neutral headphones at this point since I know they won’t see nearly enough use. If I were going down the neutral path though, I’d probably end up with some over-ears instead of in-ears though.

I just find at their price points that the Kaiser Encore is the more musical, fun headphone for me.

If I were to take the plunge, I’d probably go with custom from Noble though as I’ve heard nothing but good things about their customs. The only problem I have with customs is they have virtually no resale value so if you’re going to commit, you really have to commit!