Noble Audio - Official Thread

As a fairly new owner of a pair of Noble K10U and Savant II iems, that has been blown away by their performance, I feel like Noble needs a little more presence in this forum, so I made this thread.

Noble Audio knows, how to tune some mids!

Any more Noble fans here?


I have a pair of Tux 5’s and am very happy with them, particularly for the price.
I auditioned a pair of Khans but had some feedback problems with my setup.
While I’m very happy with my Tux, I haven’t had much experience with the rest of their lineup.

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I have a pair of custom K10s that I picked up a few years ago during an anniversary sale. I use them mainly when I travel and can say they do a great job of isolating outside noise. They’re not the most resolving IEMs, but I’m not really looking for that during travel. Overall, I enjoy their sound signature and find them extremely comfortable for long flights. They also look pretty good too (at least in my opinion).



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Nice! The Tux 5, are next on my wish list. I have been researching those, and they seem like just what I would like.

Those are awesome looking K10c! I have heard the custom version have a little less intense treble, and would probably fit my taste a tad bit better than the Universal version, but I got a great deal and am still really happy with the universal version. The bass and mids are incredible, and they really are good for all genres.

Here is a shot of my K10U, with my newly acquired Satin Audio Athena 8 wire cable. The cable is a palladium plated silver occ and pure silver occ mix. This cable really pairs well with the K10U.

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