Off Topic: Outdoor Cooking Recipe Thread

With all the awesome post @ the Off-topic: Food (on topic if pairing with music ;) )

I would like to start sharing recipes specially @DarthPool awesome ribs and @Nick_Mimi meatballs and lemon roasted potatoes and everything else that is super awesome in the thread :smiley:

I can start with a family traditional:

Faijita Beef
XL ziplock bag
Beer (Modelo Especial)

Skin some fat out of your fajitas (if you didnt tell the butcher (El Carnicero) to do it for you…)
Note: Dont skin too much fat out as is important for fajitas to have “some fat”

One day before, season the fajita with beer, Salt to liking, and pepper to liking.
Put in the ziplock bag and wait to the next day.

Pre heat BBQ pit to 200F, slap the fajitas in and dont let your grill pass 300F.

Cook to choice of liking, Ours is medium almost medium rare (About 10/25Min in give or take on each side).


I will sit down and actually write my recipe down so I can share it. Off the top of my head I never get them right… LOL I’ll be back


I’m not really a recipe guy lol…I tend to just look at what’s available in the kitchen or spice rack and try and see what will have good synergy ha😅

For my ribs or general “wet” marinade I usually do soy sauce, salt, garlic, pepper, coca-cola/orangina, hoisin sauce, and then some random herbs/spices, and on occasion hot sauce. Oh… my secret weapon is usually bourbon on hand in the marinade…a couple ounces =) though Sake is good as well

Dry rub is essentially salt, pepper, and a mix of spices/herbs on hand…plus maple sugar :wink: that is my dry rub secret…


We use Jack Daniels to make some of our sauces.
Super awesome for BBQ!