OPPO Sonica DAC for Sale $875 Shipped

Price: $875usd OBO
Ships to: North America, will consider other locations

Keeping peace with the wife and selling some of my gear. :7) Just got a new headphone amp and DAC recently. This is the only reason the Sonica is for sale.

Fantastic DAC that pairs well with headphone amps. Includes original box. After a recent move, I’m missing the manual, but will send it to buyer if/when it turns up. Manual available on line.

I’ve used the DAC with both the Sonica app via USB thumb drive, USB Disk, ethernet network and Roon via USB from a computer.

The rare small remote is included as well. These are quite sought after.

Seller pays shipping to lower 48 states and buyer any transaction fees for their requested transfer service.

Local pick-up in Monterey/Santa Cruz area OK.

OPPO Sonica DAC User Manual (PDF Format)

Actual picture of unit for sale.


What’s the dac chip used in this? Very nice.

It’s the ESS Sabre ES9038PRO 32-bit HyperStream chip.

Back when I worked in the tech world, I had open access to every chip company and was provided reference DAC systems for evaluation. Multi-month evaluations with units from all the top company’s gave a great chance to listen to all the top DAC chips from Wolfson, Analog Devices, TI, ESS, Cirrus Logic, AKM.

The clear winner was ESS Sabre with Analog Devices 1855A as close follower. It appears the marketplace has come to a similar evaluation as the best selling chip DAC’s seem to be ESS based.

The OPPP Sonica is a nice implementation of the chip and well reviewed. I retail bought this particular unit.

Also the review from Absolute Sound:

Audio Science Review:

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Yes I saw those. Appreciate you bringing it to my attention regardless.

May have missed it in those reviews, but I did not see a dac chip specified.

Got no issue with the dac, and I know oppo’s go up in price regardless of there original msrp. Plus with a performance like that is an additional incentive.

Today’s day and age we live in a competitive market and that’s another factor.

Was considering it but I guess I will retract my consideration for the moment.

Personally I had too many DAC’s due to consolidating households and buying the Spring 3 KTE.

The OPPO Sonica has the ESS Sabre ES9038PRO. The company website has the specs OPPO Sonica DAC

The build quality is crazy good, a big reason they are so popular. One of my good friends has a PS Audio DirectStream DAC and was unable to play a DSD256 recording as it’s not supported on the DirectStream DAC. The DSD256 played though the OPPO though!

The build quality and format versatility and sound makes them sought over. I just have too many DAC’s to keep it.

Price drop for those circling around the edges.

$875 delivered USPS Priority, buyer covers PayPal or other payment service if applicable.