Powerful Solid-State Amp Recommendations

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a new, powerful, and relatively high-end solid-state amp to add to my collection.

I’m considering getting the HE6-SE at some stage otherwise the headphones I do have don’t require that much power. I really just want headroom and the versatility of having a powerful amp.

I have put together a shortlist but of course, I am open to any and all suggestions you may have.

I currently have a Topping A90 which I think is quite good but I’m always looking to try something different.

My budget is around $3000 AUD but flexible in either direction.


  • Violetric V281
  • SPL Phonitor E
  • iFi Pro iCAN
  • Head Amp GSX-mini
  • Bryston BHA-1
  • Flux Lab Acoustics FA-10
  • Cayin iHA-6
  • Soundaware P1

I would love to hear any advice, impressions, or suggestions you guys might have. Thanks!


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