PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC/pre (price drop!)

Price: 850
Currency: US
Ships to: US

Hi gang! Decided to sell my PS Audio Stellar DAC/pre … second owner, had it only since November, very light use. It’s the black model. I’ve enjoyed my time with it and found it to be a “stellar” performer, har har. It pairs especially well with other PS Audio components, and also works nicely as a standalone with its headphone out. Three different digital filters (I couldn’t really tell the difference but some can). Balanced outputs/inputs. Great little remote and ergonomics. A complete pleasure to use.

This is a very enjoyable headphone amp, with the versatility to be the heart of a full audio system, or simply be run as a DAC. It is made by one of the most iconic and trusted brands in high-end audio with first-rate customer service and engagement. (Just check out the website or watch Paul’s videos on YouTube). I’ve used this with the Perfect Wave CD transport, running cable via the I2S/HDMI output, and it sounds awfully good – clean as a whistle, quiet as a mouse – so, just saying, your money buys a lot more here than with much gear.

Why sell it, then? I’m rearranging my office set up and moving my headphone listening to the main system, where I can takes advantage of vinyl feeding the DNA Stratus, and enjoy much, much higher-end digital via a Bel Canto Black Ex. Consolidating a bit. Also, I need funds to furnish a new library/screening room/den/clubroom in the house.

Price includes insured shipping via Fed Ex ground (this is the only method I will use, sorry, unless you have deep issues with Fed Ex). I’m good with PayPal, Zelle, Venmo … Friends/family … etc. I have about 20 years of reviews on Audiogon (steve_dollar) and am an established if not prolific member of this forum.

I am not sure of warranty status but will check on that.

Link to product page at PS Audio is here.

Selling at HALF RETAIL as I am eager to get it in someone’s hands (and go shopping for a Chesterfield for my “club room.”).

Thanks!!! (pic on request)


I also have an Audioquest Vodka HDMI audio cable for $170 … great sync-up with the PS Audio PWT … or other PS Audio transports.

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