Qudelix 5K Firmware update 3.0 - Careful!

There is a major firmware update in the last few days. It has some cool features but I think it lost my custom eq settings.

I’m not certain since I don’t remember exactly how I set it up but I know I had a saved preset somewhere to tame the HD560 peak.

After the firmware update there were no custom or user eq presets so if you are usung these you might want to write them down first in case you have to set them up again.

A cool feature they added is that you can have 2 10-band eq settings in a single preset.

One setting is the base eq for the phone. The other setting is one you can tweak for your mood or genre, etc. You always have your base eq and can just disable the second one when you don’t want it.


Just switch to 20 bands eq mode in the option tab, I found my presets there.


Good catch - my presets were indeed saved in the 20 band peq.


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