RAAL-requisite - Official Thread

Good guess. This is from the post linked above by @deafenears:

“variable mode (ultra-linear - triode - pentode) for just the ribbon headphones (VM-1a) on display.”

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Also interesting, RAAL has expanded their line of cables for their ribbon designs.

If you haven’t been to the RAAL site recently, looks like they are expanding their line of cables

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I saw that. Earlier this year I bought the “silver” cable (love it) but I’m not sure which cable that equates to in the current lineup. I use it with the HSA-1b amp.

Any ideas on approximate release dates for the new RAAL Requisite headphones and amps? I haven’t seen that anywhere.

As far as the Silver cables goes the one released early this year was the “Studio Reference” preferred by Danny.
The new Silver release is the “Premium” preferred by Alex.

The interesting one is the “Deluxe Ribbon” they point out the care in fabrication to assure equal resistance on all conductors. I had miy “stock” cable measured by someone who knows what they are doing and results were
"… Measured both the left and right side:

  1. right channel, down and back: ~ 0.400 ohms (~ 400 milliohms)

  2. left channel, down and back: ~0.320 ohms (~ 320 milliohms)…"

Given the finicky nature of the ribbon to resistance its maybe no wonder I had an immediate preference for the “Studio Reference Silver” that I purchased on the day it was introduced.

I have heard nothing on release dates but I definitely want the new circumaural and the direct drive VM-1a tube amp for the ribbons.

I imagine the VM-1a will be SE only (?).

The pictures of it from CanJam show only XLR inputs.

In fact, other than those XLRs, a voltage selector and an IEC input, there’s nothing on the back.

Interesting to me that it appears to be setup for driving a pair of SR1a/SR2a, with no dedicated connection for conventional (dynamic/planar) headphones.

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If it is a balanced input that’s better than I expected, I can go SE or balanced out of my Yggdrasil’s. Although now that I think of it balanced usually delivers almost twice the voltage so that might be a factor in driving the ribbons.

Also, ordered both the Premium Silver and Deluxe Copper/Silver cables so I’ll have an example of all 4 to play round with when the circumaural and VM-1a become available.

I have to admit I’m a ribbon junkie for RAAL. I’ve got a Susvara and 1266 Phi but the SR1a is the one that most of my ear time. The only possible itch is to try the Stax again and hear how they fare against the RAAL, having owned the MKIII’s and Lambda’s back in the 80’s.

I’ll also be able to have a interesting time comparing my EVO 400 with EL-34’s plus the interface versus EL-34’s direct drive with VM-1a.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more fun…

That’s the thing with the RAALs. They aren’t necessarily perfect for everything in all conditions, but their presentation is really hard to resist once you hear it. They sound so different than anything else in a very compelling and enjoyable way. I also have HEDDphones and the Rad-Os but use the SR1a 99% of the time.

RAAL Requisite is obviously feeling optimistic and making an investment in their lineup.


I don’t know if these deals are also available via RAAL-requisite’s dealers (it looks like they should be), or just direct, but here you go:


Hello all. I recently heard the Raal PDA-1a at Capital Audio Fest’s HeadAmp booth which is a planar/dynamic headphone friendly amp they recently released. And they had Susvara and LCD-5 out in the open for anyone to try it! They advised you plug Sus into the planar output (the left one) and LCD-5 into the dynamic output one (the right side). The LCD-5 sounded too bright on the left one according to my friend who tried it. I also brought along my Hifiman HE-6 (6-screw) into the amp as well.

Long story short, I was mighty impressed! I thought this amp had fantastic power, speed, driver control, dynamics, and bass control. I’ve heard amps like the GSX mini, Soloist 3XP, Ferrum Oor+Hypsos, etc and I like this one the most of those solid state amps. Though I’d venture and guess it’s not as neutral as those other amps.

Anywho, my friend was impressed enough to buy the amp at the show. I hope more people keep an eye out for this hidden gem.


Minor update. I’ve purchased this amplifier and have been thoroughly enjoying it for the past month or so with all my headphones. Sensitive dynamics and HE-6 level planars alike.

I like these hidden gem pieces of gear. All the popular gear tends to be everywhere at audio shows after all.


This looks handy and neat:

Allows using conventional headphone amps to power the SR1a (and the upcoming circumaural CR1a).

More pics posted online on the “NEWS” section:

Gone are the open-baffle compensation switch, replaced with adapters:


Yeah, this could be awesome depending on the SQ you get out of it. Would of probably had an Sr1a by now if not for the fact that the Hsa1b is $4500.

Though if it’s on par with the Jot-R you’re really not gaining anything. Suppose it depends on your source amp… :man_shrugging: I really don’t know jack about this kind of stuff but it’s interesting for sure.

Could make the difference for a lot of people on the fence about an Sr1a though…like me🤔

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Whose getting the CA-1A ?

Should be hitting stores this week/next with the updated pads

Yep, waiting for mine to be shipped.

I also ordered the pad attachment rings on their own to try pads that’s fully enclosed rather than exposed foam. Mainly because I sweat a lot and it’s easier to clean and wipe down.

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I’ve had mine for 6 weeks or so, since CanJam Chicago. They’re legit and the new pads are welcomed both in comfort and sound.

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Lucky guy!

I paid for mine 6 weeks ago, stillll waiting. Pretty normal for Australia!

I have the sr1a and love them and am waiting for the new HP…I am scheduled to receive it Monday and am excited

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