Recommended Reading: Understanding Audio Measurements


I will add to this post, and thread, over time, but for those of you new to audio measurements, the intent here is to provide some references to standard texts/references and articles to help you understand what various audio measurements tell you (and what they don’t), why they are used, and so on.

It is highly recommended that you read this material before attempting to draw any conclusions from audio measurements you find here, or anywhere else!

In addition to specific links, searches for “audio measurements” and “audio measurement handbook”, as well as works/papers by Richard C. Cabot and Bob Metzler will provide solid, foundational, information and education in this realm.

Note: These reading recommendations may look familiar to some of you - and they should - they’re those references by “Atomic Bob”, as well known poster on other forums, active AES member, holder of multiple audio-related patents, and general measurement guru.

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