Remote Control device

Any good quality (budget) remote volume controllers being utllized by forum members? I am looking for an RCA type remote volume switch box (with remote). Placement between a DAC and headphone amp. ZSB from Decware fits the bill, but its probably more than I need. Any suggestions/ideas would be appreciated.


The Schiit Saga S will do what you’re asking, with the benefit it can be run entirely passive for the volume attenuation if you want and uses a relay-switched attenuation scheme rather than a channel-imbalance prone pot or a very limited/non-granular stepped attenuators.

It’s also about half the cost of the ZSB once you configure them similarly.

If you don’t need the remote part, then a $60 box from Nobsound (etc) will do the job.


Thanks - looks like a good solution…appreciate the post.

The remote part is one of the key features I’m after.

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