Multiple Plugin Passive Switching Device

My current setup is PC > DAC > headphone amp/ or output to a stereo receiver. If there is no headphone plugged in the amp, music is directed to the receiver.

I am wanting some type of passive headphone device with multiple (2,3 or 4) inputs that will have one output to my headphone amplifier.

I am currently plugging and unplugging iems in an amplifier to do A/B comparisons. It would be a lot easier to leave them plugged in and simply turn a knob for a specific input or turn them all off to direct output to the receiver.

Hear is an Amazon link to a possibe solution Nobsound Little Bear.
Any ideas or other suggestions?


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I posed about this exact device a while back. Mine is working well now.


Thanks @generic,
I guess great minds think alike!
Actually, after I submitted the topic, I found this model with good reviews on Amazon. I am still concerned about sound degredation. I think I want full volume control to come from the amp???

That looks terrible.

Go with the Nobsound if you need more than 2 switchable inputs and don’t mind using 3.5mm cables on one end.

If you only need two switchable inputs the Schiit SYS is more nicely made, shielded, and uses standard RCA connections. The JDS Labs OL Switcher is another option, but better suited if you want switchable ins AND outs.

And with any of these units, just set the volume on the switcher to “MAX” and do your volume control via your amp.


Thanks @Torq and @generic !
The max volume setting solved my concern. I will go with the Nobsound.


Late additional comments:

My Nobsound has two volume taper settings (right knob). These include (1) smooth linear control, and (2) a very sharp ramp, where 95% of the output range is squeezed into the first fraction of knob movement. I leave mine in this mode and volume set at max.

The 3.5mm configuration isn’t a problem because my casual output source is the FiiO Q5 with native 3.5mm line out. I use this with Bluetooth input sometimes too. However, Nobsound also sells switches with full sized RCA connectors (see below).

Any switch must logically degrade the signal, but it’s not an issue in my everyday environment. It could be an issue with more RF interference. I easily hear similar/same details across my amps and headphones with or without the switch. My far greater concern was for accidental damage with regularly swapping plugs in A/B testing (see the recent post on frying two amps).

Alternative models include:



I have a couple of Nobsound switch, input output devices and all have been great for my use cases for them.

I have a passive pre-amp with volume control for my JBL 305s, and a 1in->4out switch for my tube amp switching, tied to my Airist R-2R DAC (the thing is awesome with tubes). I’ll try and get pics up tonight of the new setup.

@tjsgarden here is the picture of my current setup for switching to my Tube amps you can see it sitting on top of the THX-789: Headphones Battlestations


As a passive volume and source selector, I use the ESI Moco.

This has a set of balanced ins and outs, a set of unbalanced ins and outs, you can select sources A or B and outputs A, B or A+B, along with a mute button and a mono button.

It doesn’t do any balancing, so what you feed it is what you get, but I have found it to be a very useful solution on my desk for the last year or so.

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