Resolve's Headphone Ranking List

still wondering why there’s no Stax 009S and X9000, need some update please, might secure the SS place

Do u think V550 can drive all the headphones in your list sufficiently? Or it might not be enough to drive Susavara/ 1266 to their (relatively) full potential?

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Hi, I was curious if you would rate the Modhouse stuff or JD audio things if sent to you for review? I’d be happy to send in a pair.

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I think you we’re looking to ask @Resolve ? I’m sure he’d be happy to check them out!

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Any plans on ranking the HE1000 V2? Resolve seemed pretty enthusiastic about it in his live stream and even cited it as his choice at $2k in another vid I believe.

Yeah I need to do a big update soon haha.


Also curious about your thoughts on the Abyss Diana TC, if you plan to get them in for any extensive period of time. I’ve had a brief listening experience with it and so far find it to be the most “correct sounding” Abyss to date, curious to hear how this ranks amongst the TOTLs from your perspective.

One question. Meze 109 pro is better overall than Hifiman Ananda.
Better overall for me is all aspects of sound quality. Tonality, layering, texture, detail, dynamics, soundstage, imaging, timbre…

I really like that you ranked the Utopia over the Utopia 2022. I feel that once a high-quality product is released, and becomes recognized, tinkering with it usually does not improve it. I still prefer the Andromeda to the re-booted Andromeda. However, I recognize valid counter-examples exist (e.g., the Stax L700 v2).

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many are waiting for the big giant update!! let’s check out the new menu

Yeah I know it needs an update haha. I’ve bee preoccupied with the measurement stuff at the moment.