Welcoming Resolve to the Headphones.com Team

By the way, @Resolve has officially joined the Headphones.com team. We’re excited to remove the barriers (like having a day job) to creating more excellent content on YouTube and Headphones.com.

His balanced and honest approach fits perfectly with the culture The HEADPHONE Community has developed and we’re looking forward to the future.

Check out our new YouTube channel hosted by @Resolve and subscribe if you’d like to see videos as they roll out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt44wdefZzrhNDYYAyEy3Xg


Awesome news! Looking forward to the great content this new partnership will bring.

Congratulations @Resolve. Best wishes and God bless. :+1:t4:


Congratulations @Resolve for this awesome opportunity and also congrats to @andrew and @taronlissimore for getting a great reviewer and content-maker on board!


Awesome news congrats to all!


Yes Congratulations to Andrew @Resolve and to Taron @taronlissimore and Andrew @andrew for bringing onboard a great reviewer. Looking forward to the upcoming reviews this partnership will bring!


Yes, wonderful news. @Resolve is the goto man now that Tyll has exited the scene. It can only benefit everyone to have such a person associated with the forum. I am really looking forward to seeing more of his reviews. I am sure he is also happy to be associated with you guys too. Win win.


Congratulations to everyone, looking forward to new content!

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@Resolve @andrew @taronlissimore
Congrats! Living the dream!


WOOOT WOOOT! Grats buddy!

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I just had an interesting idea. System synergy is one of the most important things in audio (IMO), and it’s one of the last things I really experienced and learned about as I grew in the hobby. Early efforts were just a mishmash of throwing gear together and seeing what sounded good, and I think it can lead newer hobbyists getting into repeated unwise gear purchases. (Like the high Z OTL amps to power their Fostex T50RPs…)

It would be cool if headphones.com had “introductory packs” with accompanying reviews from @Resolve that new or neophyte audiophiles could compare and buy, with a focus on system synergy.

For example, I think that the Modi 3 + Vali + HD6XX is a killer ~ $500 setup. Maybe there could be a collaborative “kit” from Resolve and Headphones.com that focused on getting the best sound out of a setup like that. Like… Ifi Zen + Sundara, or Chord Mojo + CA Comet, or the Fiio BTR3 and Koss Porta Pros… (I have no idea if either setup sounds good together, just using those products as an example.) And of course, must have a corresponding video review going over the setup so people know what they’re getting into - good bad or ugly.

Anyway, just a thought.


Thanks everyone for the kind words. I’m really looking forward to producing more content and working with the guys to bring as much information as possible to everyone here. This has been an awesome community so far and it’s been a treat to get to know many of you, and I’m looking forward to more of that this year as well.


Great ideas!


Amazing news!

@Resolve, I’ve watched a few hours of your videos at this point. I appreciate your ability to balance detail and accessibility, so glad to hear you’ve teamed up with the headphones.com team. Looking forward to more content!


Congratulations not only to @Resolve, but also to Headphones.com


That was a great idea @ProfFalkin.

Will you be starting a specific thread for the “The Headphones Show” reviews? I think it’d be a good idea. You could also link products from the post’ (I’ve tried to when I create a thread), it makes it easier for readers of the forum to check out/purchase what was reviewed.

Just my two cents.

Edit: I think it should be pinned as well. That way it maintains a high visibility for newer forum members.


Yeah I’ll definitely be doing that. Good call.


Congrats @Resolve and the headphones.com team! Everyone is a winner here – Andrew, the rest of the team, and the community! I have subbed to your new channel and look forward to the great content to come!


That seems a really great idea. Like you I also think system synergy can play a big part in bringing together a system. If you get it right it can give you that extra little tickle on your pleasure centre.


@Resolve, this is fantastic news. It great you have a formal spot at Headphone.com to help grow this community via your video review and VLOGs and sure lot more.