Revisiting LG V40 as a DAP

I posted several years ago about Amazon Music HD on Phones/DAPS.
I have been using my iphone 12 pro as a music player because of single unit convenience while out on
my walks. So today, just for grins, I charged up my long dormant LG V40 phone and used it in place of
the iphone. WOW! What a huge difference in sound. Since my sennheiser Momentum 2 phones are internally amplified, it has to be the APTX Blurtooth which the iphone 12 pro does not have.
Don’t consider myself a true audiophile so I’m not good at flowery descriptions but I was hearing a major difference in dynamics and the depth and power of the bass.I am no longer chasing the elusive 24/192 Ultra HD phantom and have decided the for these old ears I love what I’m hearing and that makes me happy.


Agreed similarly, I use my LG V60 thinQ all day for everything. With UAPP pro & Qobuz streaming it goes anywhere. There’s EQ options & enough power on tap to run just about anything. Can just trick the headphone jack into hi gain mode if needed. And yeah AptX Adaptive too. I really don’t feel the need for an amp…the ESS chip processing is solid. Love it.

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V60 is a beast. It is easily the fastest, smoothest piece of kit I own, from PC to DAP to Smartphone, to…anything. Using mine as a DAP/tablet. Glad to know it runs Qobuz well, may be moving in that direction soon. UAPP, Tidal and Neutron are amazing on it, running in Hi-Impedance mode. BT and WiFi are off the charts. LG really knew what they were doing.

To the OP–I have heard that the V40 was LG’s finest audio offering, never to be repeated–congrats on ownership and hang onto it!

Update: I ebayed my Sennheiser M2 and upgraded to the M4 version. Caught them on sale for under $300. WOW, what an upgrade it is. Better on ear fit and the sound (to my old ears) is Nirvana. Also like the ability to tweak the sound on the Sennheiser app which was not available to the M2 version.

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