Revisiting LG V40 as a DAP

I posted several years ago about Amazon Music HD on Phones/DAPS.
I have been using my iphone 12 pro as a music player because of single unit convenience while out on
my walks. So today, just for grins, I charged up my long dormant LG V40 phone and used it in place of
the iphone. WOW! What a huge difference in sound. Since my sennheiser Momentum 2 phones are internally amplified, it has to be the APTX Blurtooth which the iphone 12 pro does not have.
Don’t consider myself a true audiophile so I’m not good at flowery descriptions but I was hearing a major difference in dynamics and the depth and power of the bass.I am no longer chasing the elusive 24/192 Ultra HD phantom and have decided the for these old ears I love what I’m hearing and that makes me happy.

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Agreed similarly, I use my LG V60 thinQ all day for everything. With UAPP pro & Qobuz streaming it goes anywhere. There’s EQ options & enough power on tap to run just about anything. Can just trick the headphone jack into hi gain mode if needed. And yeah AptX Adaptive too. I really don’t feel the need for an amp…the ESS chip processing is solid. Love it.