LG V40 for Amazon music

Help me I’m lost. My soon to be 73 year old brain is fighting to keep up with the digital revolution. My quest is for portable HD music for cheap. My budget just doesn’t allow for mega dollar Daps.
I subscribed to Amazon Ultra HD music which works, as far as I can tell, with both my Dell laptop and tower. also with my iphone using a Sonata HD Pro DAC. After much searching, I found an LG V40 ThinQ, open box/new for dirt cheap. Many sources tout it as a great DAP. Quad DAC, high power amp and a headphone jack. not to mention, AptX and LDAC blue tooth support. So far so good.
Now for the bad. Now I find Androids resolution limiting combined with Amazons proprietary encoding hinder my attempts to do what I set out to do.
I thought that the Onkyo music player might work but it can’t decode Amazon.
I know you may ask, why not just use the iphone? Because of needing to line up 3 or 4 adaptors to playe Hi-Rez. Iphone also has limited storage and no HQ Bluetooth.
Anyone have any ideas?


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