RME DAC + Tidal + Windows - sampling rate not correct

Hey all

I’m running Tidal on Windows 10, playing back a Master recording. I recently acquired a RME DAC, which can display the sample rate of the incoming stream. I’ve installed the RME driver and I believe I have everything set the way it should be, but the DAC says the incoming stream is 44.1kHz. Is there a setting somewhere in the labyrinth of the DAC to tell it to allow higher sampling rates to be used?

UPDATE: When I checked my PC this morning, it appeared to have loaded the correct driver for the DAC. Now that I’m actually trying to use the device, it seems to have switched it to the Microsoft driver. Any idea how to switch back?

UPDATE 2: Reinstalled the driver. The Microsoft driver is still being used. How do I get the driver to install and actually be used by Windows? :angry:


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