Rockna Audio - Official Thread

Romanian audio company founded by Nicolae Jitariu. Unknowingly some users are already listening to his work being involved in multiple companies such as PS Audio, MSB, Goldmund. Rockna is also the parent company of AudioByte and AD Labs. AD Labs RD26 was my first dedicated dac, fitting their flagship is my last.

Rockna WaveDream comes in:
Wavedream edition SE(2x RD1 26 bit dac modules)
Wavedream edition BAL(4x RD1 26 bit dac modules)
Wavedream signature edition SE(2x RD0 27 bit dac modules)
Wavedream signature balanced(4x RD0 27 bit dac modules).
Besides the module differences they are the same including the output stage.

A bit of wavedream history:
Initially launched in 2014 I it had the same chassis but MSB modules in a similar arangement, MSB platinum and MSB signature, crucially without an output stage similar to Metrum.

After Rockna developed their own modules RD1 and RD0, the philosophy as follows:

If you are looking for high-end audio as it should be, you may be in the right place.

Let’s bring back innovation, consistency and common sense applied to design and technology.


Wavedream NET, streaming server

One day soon I hope this will be part of my setup, on paper it’s perfect, isolated server and audio components. FPGA audio player with ram buffering, linear power supply, software I can trust and little mambo jumbo.


How would I describe the wave dream in a few words: holy mother of audio heaviness.

This dac made me rethink my view of digital audio, specifically just how much of the music is lost, not just information/detail but pacing, rhythm, depth. A very subjective rating, if the wavedream signature is 100% then:
Metrum Pavane Lvl2: 85%
Schiit Yggy A2: 79%
Schiit Yggy A1 70%
Geek Out V2 45%

There’s no area where the Pavane or Yggy equals of exceeds the Wavedream, close to very close yes. A party trick of this dac is different filters including no filter, NOS mode for when I get the urge to hear a very similar pavane sound.

I usually have to fight like hell to get a few percent of improvement so the jump was considerable, the largest improvement so far in my journey, more so than Stratus to Stellaris.
I’d love to compare it against the Wavelight at some point while I still have the Metrum unit.

I was exceedingly happy with the Pavane but didn’t know what I was missing, the constant struggle when upgrading gear, lack of a reference.


The Wavelight is a more realistic purchase for a number of folks (still $$$). Any impressions on that one would be interesting.


Great build. It looks like a stealth tank!

Very cool. :+1:t4:

Skip the Matrix X- Sabre and go right to this!!

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Probably not skip, but maybe move onto eventually.



Yes, you do need to go pretty deep in to the cash hole for this one.


How do the non signature edition compare to the signature edition? Will the non signature edition also be a step over pavane?

I wish I could tell you, the standard editional balanced is almost double the pavane price, not a fair comparisons in any way. Still I feel the pavane can offer a great taste of these super high end dacs. The wavedream addition was unexpected, I was uber happy with the pavane had no active intention to replace it.

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I’ve heard the Pavane lv3, the Aqua Voce DACS, but haven’t heard a Rockna DAC. Few shops carry the Rackna line.

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How doe the Aqua Voce compare to Pavane lv3?

I think the Pavane is deeper and wider and I feel neutral. The Voce I think is a little more musical, or a tad laid back. . Both are awesome dacs. I would like to own either one.

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oh? And, that’s asking quite a bit of @ValentineLuke :smiley:

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