Roon or Audirvana and why

I also think the big elephant in the room that was also in the article I read is that Spotify will only be 16 bit, CD quality. So I don’t think they will be on par for the quality of sound regardless for hi-res unless you are using a chord up scaler.

I am all streaming right now, or Vinyl so Roon is pretty solid for me. I should have Matrix Audio Streamers/DACs that are Certified Roon Endpoints in every listening room by next week, besides my two-channel room where I am using a NAD streamer Certified Roon endpoint with Dirac.

It is kinda crazy to think how far I have gone to change my entire system in my house all based around ROON!!! Pretty much every DAC is now going up for sale or being traded out. So I agree I am not changing anything for Spotify, they are decent for when I work out or maybe driving in the truck but if the service or device doesn’t implement with Roon it is not for my personal ownership or subscription to the service at this point.

I am glad I listened to you and @ProfFalkin about the amazing strengths of Roon, it is a music lover streaming dream. I just wish honestly Qobuz would up its North America Catalog so I could dump Tidal. Hopefully in the future.


I haven’t seen one @mfadio but if they had the same library size as their competitors it would likely be the only service I would subscribe too. Although now that I think about it, I do enjoy the music video features on Tidal’s android TV app with my Sony XBR. My daughter and I like to watch and listen to them. However Qobuz is my favorite for overall quality and not having silly proprietary software (MQA).


Out of sheer curiosity, what Qobuz was software was “proprietary?”

An ELi5 would be great.

Speaking of Spotify, here’s one artist that is not a fan: Evan Greer Announces New Album Spotify Is Surveillance, Shares New Song: Listen | Pitchfork

I was referring to Tidal MQA.

All good points. Like you, I have a large collection of Lossless files and Spotify definitely does not cater to that at all. Roon is a much better app for integration of everything and I would never trade it for just Spotify, but Spotify has the best ecosystem of apps and features if you want to just stream. Maybe not so much Qobuz or Tidal, but apple will definitely need to go to lossless for Apple Music to compete with Spotify I think.

Oh, the Facebook thing is that you can link Spotify to your Facebook so you can see what all your friends are playing. In the beginning up until a couple years ago you had to sign up for Spotify using your Facebook account. Then they gave you a way to sign up just using your e-mail, but they made it very complicated and you could not do it in the app. You also had to make sure to dig into settings and turn off the default options that would show what you were playing on your Facebook profile. It made a lot of people mad


Got it, thank you. Re-reading things makes much more sense now!

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That’s good to know thank you. I will have to give it another.