Samsung Galaxy Buds (True Wireless)

They seem as if they’re going to be a step up in SQ. Unless I’ve been misled. I look forward to your thoughts on these.


They are certainly convenient and easy to use. Prices seem to be going down too with the imminent arrival of the plus model.


Galaxy Buds+ First Impressions and Measurements:


thank you Anthony!

this was super helpful! - perfect timing!!

Have the QCY T5 and the Gen1 Galaxy Buds taken with me to offices today. I wanted to return them. Already printed the DHL label and closed the package.

Now that I have read your first impressions. I´m going to keep both and wait for the new Buds + to arrive. They should be here by today or tommorow and I will let my wife compare all 3 over the next days.

Maybe the first gen is more her thing soundwise. She already was fine with the first Gen Buds out of her iphone!
However I preordered the Buds + for her, because of the iOS supporting app and the possibility to switch on/off your ambient sounds, which can be quite helpful in traffic or if you don´t want to be as isolated while going for a walk with the dog and listen to a podcast - in this situation you don´t need the highest possible soundquality in my humble opinion.

Seems to me the Buds+ on the “soft” setting ar similar to the first Gen Buds on “dynamic” setting.

If it works out, I can use the Buds + and send only the QCY T5 back. Have time up to the 28th februar for sending back the QCY T5 and Buds first Gen.

I ordered a second pair of the Buds + 2 days after the first pair and they are now delayed for end of march - mid april.

with the mid march release of the new Samsung smartphones many preorder customers will put the Buds + on ebay - I suppose. Maybe for 20 less than msrp.

Edit: the version 1 / Gen 1 Buds do have a ambient sound option as well- not sure if it is new and came with an update or I did not look deep enough in the Android app menue as we did recieve it
Using it right now, I hope the Buds + … hope it got optimized


if someone would ask be about the gen 1 connection issues beeing solved with the Buds + …

you are correct for gen 1 - not the best reach and microphones for calls were not good in the beginning (from what I read) and after some updates, they became ok. I got the first gen 2 weeks ago and did update it first before using it. So not sure about the past.

disclaimer: we do not plan to use these things for more then music/podcast/youtube/audiobooks/netflix listening in the gym

have both(Gen 1 and Buds +) here now and with my Android devices it´s pretty good over the Gen 1

we have here a 800 square meter office room and I went from one end to the other with the Buds + in the ears and left my Samsung S10 back … no hick ups at all

with 4 Sonus Play 1 or 3 in the room, 2 wifi acces points and at least 8 other people with other wifi and bluetooth devices on the tables between me and and my phone so far away… not bad!

tried going further away and upstairs to a meeting room and lost connection / hick ups started … however there a fire proof walls out of concrete - so no problems at all for now

called my wife and left the phone 10 meter away on my table with the buds in my ears and closed a glass door behind me - she could not make up a huge difference in quality between phone on the ear and Buds + used for the call

I would say, they optimized the Buds + over the Gen 1 in a few points

the ambient sound option is way better

and you can tap now on the top(additional to the standard functions on the sides) part of the buds left and right to control the volume, which is a nice feature

so you can control volume and play/pause/next/last song + ambient sound on/off left and google assist or siri right

there is now (for android only) the Spotify long press option

I could be wrong but somehow the “dynamic” sound option on the first gen Buds is now similar to the “soft” option with Buds +
the Buds + are more detailed, cleaner and less warm vs Gen 1 (for me fine and hope for my wife as well)

… I do like it for now… will use it (exclusive for the gym) with my smartwatch spotify app - so I can also change volume on the watch or skip tracks … like with the Buds first Gen before. My wife did already use her Apple Watch for it with her iPhone and Buds Gen1, because auf the missing iOS app support with Gen1.

this is the pair for my wife and mine will arrive tomorrow

we already went with the Buds Gen1 to the gym where I had the left in my ear and she had the right, while I was carriyng the phone in my pocket - we had to stay quite close to ech other for no hickups

the same for Dual Bluetooth mode out of the phone, where I used the QCY T5 and my wife the Buds Gen 1 … you better get not more then 10-20 meters apart for a clean music signal in a gym where all others also use some bluetooth headphones

in future my wife will use her I phone and her buds + and I my Android phone and my buds+ - so no problems with reach awaited

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A review by Crinacle:

This is why I kept the generation 1 buds for a comparison

It is his take on the Buds + so I am thankful for the way he did it.

I would wish he had us informed about what source(Android or iOS) he was using and if he used the app or just paired them via the phone’s menue.

There are 6 different sound options and I am sure, the Buds + default setting is not the same as in the gen 1.

One could say “do it yourself” and I will try my best.
However I have no measuring tool and am not that articulate.
So I want to point out that everyones experiance can be different with choosing different sound options in the Samsung Galaxy wearable app.
For now I can’t decide between “soft” and “normal” with a slight tendency to “soft” (less Bass and less peaky in the highs)
For timbre the gen 1 buds are more meaty and nicer, if you will. This is after 2 hours listening.
Hey it is a True Wireless IEM - it’s about practicality first- to be honest.
The switch between ambient sound on/off is so easy.
You can talk to someone and in the next second you have a nice passive isolation back.

Hope this helps

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Crin uses Galaxy S10. AFAIK, he didn’t use the other presets in his review. I have asked him if he has used others but he didn’t respond.

I am using treble boost preset on GBuds+ but with -1.5dB knock down on my 10-band eq from 1, 2 and 4KHz, and 3dB at 8Khz, as well as -1.5dB at 60Hz.

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Hi Anthony,

thank you for the response.

Intersting you use “treble boost” - I never thought about trying it, to be honest.
What EQ software on your mobile device do you use?

In spotify I now put in these settings - would this be your inputs?

in the Android USB Audio Player Pro App, I can not enable the parametric eq for some reason.
The moment I try to enable it, a pop up with “Bit-Perfect!” comes up

usually I use the app with my extrernal DAC connected via OTG

will give the “Neutron” player a try later on in my lunch brake

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Hi Anthony and @MartinTransporter - I recently joined the community and was hoping to get your input when you have a moment. Do you have any recent observations that might help me decide between the original Galaxy Buds and newer Buds+ (or others)? I’d be pairing with my OnePlus 7 Pro and mainly listening to music/podcasts/YouTube/audiobooks while exercising, commuting on the train, running errands. It looks like currently there’s a $40 price difference. Thanks much.


Hi Brandon

soundwise I’d decide for the first gen Buds
If features are more important to you, I’d recommend the Buds +

I am not sure, if your One Plus 7 Pro supports the Samsung Galaxy Wearable App. If so, you get with the Buds + the most available controls of all TWS I did research on.


Hi Martin - thanks for your input and quick response. Oh, the tradeoffs. I tend to lean more toward sound quality, but I’ll look more into the features/controls. Good point about the 7 Pro support. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy and I was considering getting her a TWS pair also or sharing. Thanks again.


If you get 2 get both and compare them by yourself or ask your wife, which one suits her best.

In my humble opinion- both sound good and with TWS you go for practical use first.

Otherwise you could get yourself a set of Moondrop Starfields(or similar price IEMs) + a Bluetooth dongle like the Fiio BTR5


That’s great advice about getting both. From a gear and marital perspective - I’m new at both! Very true about going for practical first with TWS.

The IEM and Bluetooth dongle looks very interesting too - that escalated fairly quickly. I like it! Thanks and I knew I came to the right place/person.


I prefer the tonality of the 1st gen as well, but the 2nd gen does have some improvements in some technical performance, though it’s subtle. The 2nd gen also has some improved features in the ambient modes, but all-in-all either one is great. The 2nd one is just a tad shouty and bright, but bass texturing is much improved.


Hello Brandon, I aren’t a big user of TWS but i do really like the first gen Galaxy Buds. I am a big iem user and was sceptical at first as to what the quality of the sound would be like. But having bought them I was very pleasantly surprised. The are great. I have only heard the Buds+ briefly but didn’t like them just as much. However that could have changed on further listening. In the end it’ll come down to whether or not you think the extra features are worth the premium. Good luck.


Thanks for your helpful input, Anthony. It seems like both are great overall, each with its own advantages.

Thanks @prfallon69 - that’s helpful. I’ll be a new TWS and IEM user. I currently have the Jaybird X2s, which is wireless but not TWS. The sound quality is okay and the Bluetooth connectivity isn’t always seamless. I hadn’t considered IEMs before, but will look into more. Thanks!

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Just beware that the most optimal setup for the Galaxy Buds is to use a Samsung device because the Samsung BT Codec is the most optimized for the buds for latency and quality. It’ll still work fine on AAC and SBC though.


You’ll love the Galaxy Buds! They were my first TWS and it’s awesome. Sometimes you can catch them on sale for around $50 which is a great deal.

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That makes sense. Thanks for the heads up. My wife has a Samsung phone so the Galaxy Buds may be best suited for her.

I also came across that Samsung released a software update bringing (some/all TBD) the Buds Plus features to the Buds. @MartinTransporter @prfallon69