Schiit Audio - Lyr 3 - Official Thread


Schiit Audio’s latest compact, desktop, hybrid tube amplifier is the third iteration to share the “Lyr” name and the biggest departure from the original formula so far.

Lyr 3 is still a single-ended tube-hybrid design, offering high-power output (6 watts into 32 ohms) and two gain settings for appropriate pairing with a wider variety of headphones. But now it uses a single dual-triode tube rather than a pair, making tube-rolling easier, and it incorporates both Schiit’s “Coherence” hybrid topology along with their “Continuity” constant-transconductance technology.

And then it adds an internal “module” slot that can turn it into an all-in-one unit with a choice of delta-sigma or Multibit DAC modules or a phono-input (for your turntable).

Full review coming early in this new year, including all of the module options available for it.

And this will be the spot to discuss it …


looking forward to your review . I am looking to purchase schiit lyr3 amp to go with my MrSpeakers AEON Flow and hd600.


I test drove the Lyr 3, and returned it during the trial period. I liked the analog headphone amp portion, but didn’t much care for the MB DAC module. I ended up swapping it for a Mjolnir 2 for a couple of hundred extra dollars.


MJ2 is a great amp! The internal cards I don’t suggest often, unless one is terribly cramped for space / need a single unit. All of their stand-alone DACs seem to sound better.

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Lots of good tube choices too!


Looking forward to the review. This one is on my list for my eventual desktop rig.

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I have the Lyr3 paired with the Gumby for my home rig driving my HD800S. I hope some discussion in this thread may offer some comparison to the Schiit MJ2.

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While Torq’s finishing his thoughts up I’ll chime in!

I’ve got a HD 600 and AFC and I too an curious to see how LYR 3 goes, but I will be using a Electro Harmonix NewProduction 6SN7

I’m not familiar with the TungSol upgrade and honestly I also have two of the Electro Harmonix 6sn7s for… reasons :3

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Frankly I found the $100 Modi 3 to be a step up from the Internal unit installed in my demo…

That said I quite like how LYR 3 and HD 600 pair, different enough from Valhalla 2 also I think