Schiit Audio - Lyr 3 - Official Thread

Schiit Audio’s latest compact, desktop, hybrid tube amplifier is the third iteration to share the “Lyr” name and the biggest departure from the original formula so far.

Lyr 3 is still a single-ended tube-hybrid design, offering high-power output (6 watts into 32 ohms) and two gain settings for appropriate pairing with a wider variety of headphones. But now it uses a single dual-triode tube rather than a pair, making tube-rolling easier, and it incorporates both Schiit’s “Coherence” hybrid topology along with their “Continuity” constant-transconductance technology.

And then it adds an internal “module” slot that can turn it into an all-in-one unit with a choice of delta-sigma or Multibit DAC modules or a phono-input (for your turntable).

Full review coming early in this new year, including all of the module options available for it.

And this will be the spot to discuss it …


looking forward to your review . I am looking to purchase schiit lyr3 amp to go with my MrSpeakers AEON Flow and hd600.

I test drove the Lyr 3, and returned it during the trial period. I liked the analog headphone amp portion, but didn’t much care for the MB DAC module. I ended up swapping it for a Mjolnir 2 for a couple of hundred extra dollars.

MJ2 is a great amp! The internal cards I don’t suggest often, unless one is terribly cramped for space / need a single unit. All of their stand-alone DACs seem to sound better.

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Lots of good tube choices too!

Looking forward to the review. This one is on my list for my eventual desktop rig.

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I have the Lyr3 paired with the Gumby for my home rig driving my HD800S. I hope some discussion in this thread may offer some comparison to the Schiit MJ2.

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While Torq’s finishing his thoughts up I’ll chime in!

I’ve got a HD 600 and AFC and I too an curious to see how LYR 3 goes, but I will be using a Electro Harmonix NewProduction 6SN7

I’m not familiar with the TungSol upgrade and honestly I also have two of the Electro Harmonix 6sn7s for… reasons :3

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Frankly I found the $100 Modi 3 to be a step up from the Internal unit installed in my demo…

That said I quite like how LYR 3 and HD 600 pair, different enough from Valhalla 2 also I think


Mine came today, it’s set up and working. Driving it with the iFi xDSD in Line Out mode. It’s gotten so that when I first put things together and just connected it to the iPhone to see if it was working, I had a little @Torq quote burst in my brain about driving amplifiers with amplifiers.

Have tried it with the Sennheiser Massdrop HD-6XX and now with the Hifiman HE-560s. Only had a few test tracks, but it is clearly better than my old (fried) Headroom Standard, but it should be at 5 bills vs 3. Hopefully it will continue to improve as the Tung Sol tube burns in a bit.

I’ve not been tempted to tube roll, but with only one tube, I confess to have looked at the web to see what other choices there are. FOR NO GOOD REASON!

Even in this short test, I can tell that the Senn is driven better than it has been before, and it shows more detail and authority. The Hifiman also has authority, but it also did with the xDSD in headphone DAC/AMP mode. I will have to go back and compare. Deep bass on the Lion King Life’s Not Fair track seemed more - dare I say it - slammin’.

Will post an impression or better in the next week or two.


One more thought. When I turn out the light, the single tube glowing softly reminds me of nights 50-55 years ago when I’d listen to night time AM radio on the All American 5 second generation…12BA6, 12BE6, 12AV6, 35W4 and 50C5 in the set on my headboard shelf. Yeah, 5 tubes glow more than one, and kicked of considerably more heat. 1000khz CFL Chicago 1010 WINS NY, 1020 KDKA Pittsburgh, 1030 WBZ Boston 1060 KMOX St. Louis…

Some nights I was as Red Barber used to say, “Sittin in the catbird seat”