Topping L30 Headphone Amp

So I’ve had L30 for about 3 hours now and so far with my Ether CX I’m really enjoying it. For a quick comparison I pulled out my SMSL SP200 and used a Schiit Sys to swap between the two amps.

I had E30 as my Dac and did use the XLR out of SMSL SP200, overall I found L30 was;

  • Less Fatigue
    • Tactile but without being aggressive
  • Improved Cohesion & Staging Depth
    • High hats in particular had better sustain and release without being overly energetic

With CX SP200 was a more aggressive on the top end and the stage was lacking a little bit of that sense of 3D dimension, almost sounded kinda flat.

While I don’t feel L30 matches the staging precision, size or cohesiveness of my nicer Tube Amps, I did enjoy it’s linear presentation & envelope. I was also kinda surprised at the improvement to Dynamic contrast Ether CX had overall with L30.

I’ll certainly spend more time listening and continue to explore it’s performance but so far I’m rather impressed with this $140 unit.


Thanks for your impressions, I do have my eyes on the E30 & L30 and I have to say they look great together on the pic you posted, I´ll cross my fingers and hope an authorized european seller comes out with a killer offer such as Apos Audio has for both units plus rca cables.

First post and hello everyone!

My E30/L30 arrived August 5th and it’s an upgrade/replacement for a FiiO K5 Pro. Both the E30 and K5 use the AKM 4493 so other than the lower SINAD on the Topping, there’s not much difference in the DAC stage. Amps are a different story, as the L30 walks all over the K5 every day and twice on Sunday. My headphones are 6XX, K371, and ER3SEs and I use oratory EQ on all of them, with some slight reduction in the low shelf.

What I noticed after a 5hr Tidal favorites listening session with the 6XXs is a huge reduction in hearing fatigue vs doing the same with the FiiO. I’m going to repeat the process with my studio monitor setup using the preamp outs and see if the same result occurs. I’ll update more later as I get more hours in with the new stack and I’ve been using the K5 since October 2019.


Great impressions @Kouioui and welcome.

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Nice to see people are happy with the L30. Hopefully mine will get here some time this week.

It will be interesting to have it side by side with the Atom and Heresy (if the Heresy ever makes it here that is!).


Thanks for having me aboard! Thought I’d mention Amir has his review of the L30 out:

ASR L30 Review

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My L30 arrived this morning, and I’ve listened for several hours. I’m impressed with it so far. I’d describe it as neutral, detailed and well controlled. I’ve tried it with the HD 650 and 660S, and it’s well suited for both. With some amps, the 650 can sound a little loose and unfocused, but the L30 has a firm grip on the driver, even the bass is well defined.

Sound wise, I have no complaints, but I would like it if this amp was a bit wider and heavier, and the volume knob wasn’t so close to the headphone jack. Also, the wall wart is so big that I can’t plug anything in next to it on my power strip. These are minor issues though, overall I’m quite happy with it.


I’ve been using my l30 for 2 days, it is one of the most effortless and natural amps I’ve heard.


Today, I compared the L30 with my Asgard 3, and I’m not sure which I prefer. The Asgard has more of its own character, tube-like and spacious, with prominent mids. The L30 is more detailed and direct, with greater separation between instruments. Both amps sound clear and effortless.

The L30 may be a better match for sensitive headphones and IEMs, but it’s not as powerful as the Asgard. They both have more than enough juice for the HD 650 though.


Nice to hear some Asgard 3 comparisons,

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While it is impressive in some ways, now that I’ve had more time with it, I think the L30 sounds a bit strange. I can’t entirely put its issues into words, but I find it somewhat sterile and lifeless. I think I’ve done enough testing at this point to conclude that it’s not for me. I don’t have anything against this type of amp though, I think the Archel 2 is quite good, for example.

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What DAC are you using?

Topping E30 mostly, but I also tried it with the Soekris dac1321. I like the E30, don’t think it’s the problem.

Cool. For the E30, my favorite filter is the Short Delay, Slow Roll Off. I’m wondering if that would make for a less sterile listen.

I guess not, that’s the filter I used the most with it. I’m returning the amp. Obviously, some people like it more than I do though, maybe it’s just a matter of preference.

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There you go, if you don’t dig it thats cool! Let me ask, what are you keeping and what did it do better for you/your system and headphones

I’ve yet to meet a similarly priced amp that I prefer sonically over the Asgard 3. I wonder how the L30 compares to those that likely have a similar sound signature, such as the Heresy, Magnius, Atom.

I can speak to Atom,

Atom is quite a bit softer to my ears. Both are equally clean but Atom a lot of the time lacks that tiny bit of authority L30 has on the leading edge of it’s envelope

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My Asgard 3 is sticking around, also have an Archel 2, but I might replace it with the Magni Heresy. The Archel sounds great, but I don’t think it has quite enough power for my HD 650, the bass is a little soft. Lately, I’ve been using the 660S more than the 650 though, and the Archel pairs well with them.

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but I don’t think it has quite enough power for my HD 650

What… that’s sad. Tho on my system I feel Atom sounds a lot like that a little soft overall but especially in the bass

Still tho I’ve heard nothing but praise for Asgard 3! So I can understand where your coming form

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