Schiit Bifrost 2 DAC - Official Thread

The more I think about it, the more it probably won’t work from Schiit’s point of view. If they were to sell the chassis for any less than $499, you would be able to buy the upgrade BF2/64 card and chassis for less than a new complete unit.

Jason’s term for the Gungnir MB is indefinite hiatus, after the current stock is sold.

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…at perhaps steep discounts in the year 2099.

How about engineer the next gen modular AMP with a slot that can accept the old BF2 card or a preamp card or a delta sigma DAC card? @generic?


I’m thinking the BF2 gen 1 could become the entry-level replacement for the now discontinued Modi MB. For a lot of people, $799 is a lot of money for a DAC.

My pricing is totally speculative, but there’s surely a market for multibit DACs below $799.


They are frequently, and that is!

The only reason I’m really planning on upgrading is because by Schiit’s own admission, BF2 only provides like 18bit resolution. Do I NEED more than 18 bits? Would I even hear the 19th and 20th bit? I dunno. But I want it.

Also, my understanding is that there is a successor modi multibit in the works, and it is delayed until late in the year because of component shortages, specifically a low cost AD chip. It was supposed to be available some time ago. But who knows now…


Ok, I’m not crazy. I deleted my original post about a possible Modi Multibit 2 after thinking I had imagined reading about it, but I actually found a picture of one from the recent Texas Audio Roundup. Here it is:


I very briefly tried BF2/64 NOS. To my ears the overall tone and timbre were about the same, but sometimes the noise and artifacts changed in a bad way. I switched back to OS after 15-30 minutes. I’ll give it another try through a tube amp, but NOS might just be a checklist item to say they have it.

Regarding Tidal, be careful when using it to evaluate subtle differences. I had it a few years back and they smooth and filter the treble. This is not MQA, as I didn’t have decoder at the time never used MQA. The trouble lies in the treble – in general, my ability to rapidly identify changes comes through treble artifacts. While body and depth can be heard over time, sharp, edgy, excessive, or otherwise imperfect treble is murder.


That’s fine by me. I was considering the Ygg a while back, but I’m not convinced that I’d notice meaningful differences in ordinary listening situations. I may still try it down the road, but it’s not a priority.

I responded to your direct statement about needing to hear immediate differences. The OG BF2 is certainly not an end-all, be-all DAC. It is indeed rough at times. In comparison to the BF2, the BF2/64 is akin to turning off a room fan and being able to hear more of everything in the source.


That’s what I have been wondering. If that seems to be the consensus, I might have to order the upgrade.

In the words of the famed Dr. Seuss, from “McGrew’s Zoo”

“A four-footed lion’s not much of a beast
The one in MY zoo will have ten feet at least
Five feet on the left, five more on the right
And people will say, “Oh what a sight!”

Schiit does discuss and make fun of the topic of bits, one of the reasons for calling it the 2/64 is to do just that. Maybe, there are 128 bits, 64 on each channel. Just like that lion in McGrew’s imaginary zoo.


Couple of notes as I follow Jason’s blog on Head Fi. First the new Modi MB exists and is designed, along with the new MB card. But Analog Devices are struggling to supply the SHARC DSP. Schiit are therefore prioritizing their two biggest selling DACs, the Bifrost and Yggy. Timeline was end of the year, but there is a good chance it will get pushed out indefinitely. I understand that they are looking at other DSP’s and FPGA’s instead.

On the upgrade, Schiit were forced into it as the AD chips they used were in short supply. Therefore, they cannot supply that card moving forward, so you won’t be seeing it in a cheaper MB DAC.

You also cannot just add this card to an amp, it has no inputs. You would also need the input card from the Bifrost.

But don’t be surprised to see them come out with something crazy to fill the hole between the Modius and the Bifrost. Rumour is that they are playing with DS chips to see if they can add the MB filter on them.

In the meantime, I’m loving the upgrade. It’s just much more dynamic as well as more detailed.


As someone who did upgrade fairly recently from the Bifrost 2 to the Gumby, I’d be a little if the update on the BF2/64 captures what I love most about the Gumby, namely the increased soundstage and sense of bass punch. I also heard the roughness of the OG Bifrost 2, and that’s great to hear it’s no longer an issue. But the Gumby does much more than that for me. I’m sure the gap is considerably narrowed with this new version though, I’m super curious to hear it!


I think I’m going to be one of those rare people active in the community to send my BiFrost 2 back. I just don’t have the time in the schedule to do the upgrade.

Plus, I’ll be making a move to California soon in mid September, so having a product to pick up if I get to visit the Schiitr and/or get a tour of the other spaces would be another good reason for that route :slight_smile:

As far as the upgrade goes…I’m no rocket surgeon and it probably took me about 5 minutes all told. 2 screws and a quick file update…just fyi :grin:


@SebastienChiu – packing the BF2 box and taking it to UPS/Fedex/USPS will take a lot longer than doing the upgrade at home. The only baby trick is to align the connectors with the slot. I did this by resting the face of the BF2 on a soft cloth and then letting gravity and the backplate align the board with the case. I used my multitool on the Phillips-head screws, as I couldn’t be bothered to walk a few feet to get my toolbox.


Jumper Cables… …

Oh I see. INPUTS.

Noted :slight_smile: thanks! Appreciated.