Schiit Modius DAC - Official Thread

Can be powered from the input or external plug.

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What I’m saying.

I have a single USB in, but it has a iDefender on it I just realised. So power rail cut. But still works!

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iFi Snake oil? J/K maybe the iFi failed and isn’t working properly?

Weird, if I use my Matrix Element H PCIe on data-only it immediately loses the handshake without the 2nd power connection plugged into the modius, same with turning off USB power through my motherboard that offers a similar feature on specific ports. Also need power if plugging in by OTG to my Galaxy S20+.

Not sure what is happening but I am a little jealous.

Problemo is, I pretty sure the iFi is working. It was in there to cut the power for my last DAC, as I had ground loop noise. As soon as I plugged it in, noise gone. Last DAC was AC powered…

X-Files shit going on.


Illuminati confirmed… :flushed:

Interestingly I wonder if it still is allowing some power through, but cutting excess?

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I’d have thought it completely cuts the main power risk, to ensure noise doesn’t come though. I guess some power still travels on the other ones?

Dunno. Cayin IHA6 coming today, will test it with and without.

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