Schitt Modius

Looks interesting.


Looking forward to some reviews with comparisons to the Modi 3. I have a secondary setup in the house with a Modi 3 and Vali 2, and would definitely consider a move to a Mobius/Jotunheim, if it proved worthwhile sonically. I like what they did having separate output paths for SE and Balanced.

I know this is a me thing, but man I wish Schiit would build their products up instead of out to the sides. What I mean is make it taller but not as wide. So my ideal would be a Mobius that was the same width as a Modi, but taller. Really would like taller/narrower profiles for the Mjolnir/Gungnir combo. I have lots of height space but limited width space. Again, totally a me thing.


Yea man I feel ya lol. They are like long boats

So, it’s a Modi with Unison and SE + balanced outputs.

For $200.


This fills a niche in their line up, but the price difference between it and the Bifrost 2 is pretty big if you wanted to go with multibit. Not complaining, just saying. You do get a remote and phase correction on the BF2 though, which kind of helps.

Since it is running the AK4493, I’d be interested what sonic differences it presents vs the AK4490 Modi.


I would think a $350-450 version of this with multibit would be sweet as well.

More items in the Bifrost 2’s favor: 5 year warranty, user performable firmware updates, and modular upgrades.

Modius isn’t upgradable.

Yeah, I can see why they didn’t do multibit on the Modius. It would just be a half baked Bifrost 2 for not that much less.


seems like they did it to have a matching dac for the asgard 3.


Asgard is SE though. Why not just do SE only if that were the case?

I’m thinking it’s more for getting Unison to the Lyr 3 / Jotunheim / Asgard.

We could both be right. Who knows.


That’s true. I was mostly looking at the price point. The BF2 is in the price realm of the Lyr/Jot and the Modius is same price as Asgard.

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I bet that stack would sound pretty darn good!

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Given @Torq’s comments regarding the 4490 vs. 4493 in the RME ADI-2fs, I don’t think it’ll sound much different than the Modi. I do see it as intended to combat balanced products from external competitors such as Drop,Topping, and SMSL.


Yea I think it’s meant to compliment the lyr, Asgard, or JoT.

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Keeping my eye on this one since an Asgard 3 is in my near future. I like the idea of a super-sized Schiit stack, but I’m not in a position to look at the BF2 quite yet. Curious to hear what people think once they get their hands on them.


They should market their stacks as tissue ply lol.

Good news. If we notice – ordered by price:

DAC MRSP Output (type)
Modi $100 SE only (∆Σ)
Modius $200 Balanced/SE (∆Σ)
Modi Multibit $250 SE only (Legacy MB)
Modius Multibit $350 :bulb: I’m positive they’re working on this one (Legacy MB)
Bifrost 2 $700 Balanced/SE (“True Multibit”)
Gungnir $900 Balanced/SE (∆Σ)
Gungnir Multibit $1300 Balanced/SE (“True Multibit”)
Yggdrasil $2500 Balanced/SE (“True Multibit”)

It’s a hell of a line up. DACs for all tastes.

I miss a power button in the new Modius though. Looks like a big form factor for a 5V micro USB. The heck of it. Work-around is simple: hand my smaller stack to my brother and buy brand new. :smile:

Very good office combo, I’d say. Modius/ASG3 or Modius/JOT… Not the LYR and VAL2 though. :fire: hazard.



The Norse gods will not be happy with this.


Another reason for shock: The Modius just received a very positive review with top tier performance at the measurement-site-that-shall-not-be-named. [Audio Science Review]


I immediately noticed the Modius’s distortion measurements:

  • THD+N: 0.0003%
  • IMD: 0.0006%, CCIR

Compared to the Bifrost 2’s:

  • THD: <0.003%
  • IMD: <0.004%, CCIR

Looks like Schiit is really trying to make their gear measure well to appease the measurements-focused crowd. I wonder if maybe they’ve sold more Magni Heresys than Magni 3+s and decided that products sell better if they measure well :thinking:


Ha. As soon as the modius came out I had my eye on the used market for a bifrost 2. Low and behold one pops up lol.

Yes, people now have far greater access to measurements than in the past. Without retail stores/demos it’s otherwise tough to decide between a 100 similar products. It’s not realistic to think that small boutique vendors will always make the right design decisions – measurements provide a hint before one throws down the $$$.

Products that measure well tend to have a predictable tone and delivery profile. They will be clear, clean, detailed, and “clinical” or “analytical” relative to products that do not measure well. If one seeks such a profile then it’s reasonable to rule products in or out based on measurements alone.

Tube-based products tend to measure less well, but they also have a predictable tone profile based on the characteristics of tubes and this can usually be tweaked through swapping the brand/model of tubes. Solid-state products that don’t measure well (such as the old Magni 3 or most anything from Audio GD) might benefit the most from first-hand testing to determine whether one likes their specific deviations from the clean profile or not.