Sennheiser HD 201

Sennheiser fans, can any of you tell me your impressions of the HD 201?

Ever on the lookout for poor man hi fi. I recently sold my NAD VISO HD 50’s and now I need an “EDC” closed back. I have a pair of PX-100’s and PX-200’s that I’m thinking of selling, too. The HD 201 could be the replacement.

Thoughts, anyone?

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I loved my PX-100s. Keep 'em forever. Or until they die an unnatural death, as mine did. Or as my friend Dave H’s did, at the paws of his cat, “Crumbcake the Destroyer”.

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I do have a little cut in the insulation from running an office chair over it. :blush:

Maybe I’ll keep that one and sell the PX200’s. I’m also selling my Shure 215e’s. Time to move up!

I’m not a huge closed-back headphone fan. And nothing in the bottom tier has ever excited me. It wasn’t until I listened to the Audeze Sine that I got excited for an over-ear closed back. It’s still my headphone of choice for that purpose. Recently sold the Mobius to keep the Sine instead.

That said, perhaps the ATH-M40X with a pad replacement could be a good budget choice. I also had the AKG K52 which was decent and super cheap.

A lot of people praise the Superlux headphones or the Monoprice Retros too.

I actually have a pair of Superlux 668b’s. They’re ok but nothing great. And they’re semi open so no real isolation. I’m liking the reviews of lower end planars. That might be where I go later.

Right now, I need a pair of everyday closed backs for the office.