Sennheiser HD 800 S - Open Back Dynamic Headphone - Official Thread

I gotta save up for the Aeolus!!! Sounds like a great match for the LyR3 Bifrost 2!!!


I love this type of music too!



Thanks for the Slow Burn recommendation, I am listening now with the Focal Clears and Monoprice THX AAA 887 amp and the Bifrost 2 dac,wonderful, wonderful bass , really nice!

Making me smile!!



Awesome stuff! I can’t wait to listen to it all this weekend! Thanks man.


I know, I have an old soul about music, my electronic music guys are Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk. If I want some “ambient” them there is Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno. More conventional instruments…well…Rick Wakeman ( without YES), Philip Glass, etc. Too many to mention right now, but they are all old guys, some of them are already gone like Tomita.
Orchestra…? Some compositions from the XX century and soundtracks.
Thanks @TylersEclectic , @MartinTransporter and @Wes_S for the imputs!! @ProfFalkin, thanks the advice, I have read some good stuff about Auteur, just don’t seems to be as popular as the Aeolus or at least not as good for “everything”.


Good stuff man! I was just listening to Brian Eno - Ambient 4 / On Land, on my lunch break today.


Ok so going between the HD800(SDR) and the ZMF Verite Open with Universe Perf pads on the following chain Bifrost2 - BHC+SB and I feel like the stage and imaging isn’t as wide or in your face on the Verite, but the overall “enjoyment” for me is better with the Verite. The HD800(sdr) is brighter and feels more analytical…but honestly I kind of prefer it to the Verite right now…hmmm…let me dig into this some more expect edits to this post to continue on unless someone responds lol :wink:

Ok, back on the HD800(SDR)
… well damn if this isn’t one of the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn! anyways, onto the sound…it sounds less precise… but wider, cleaner, less intimate…but, has a “WOW” factor that is rather addictive on this chain. Detail is fuzzy sounding to me (Fuzzy: not as crisp in detail retrieval, has an air of haze to certain tracks). But, vocals and high notes are special, addictive, bass is lite but clean. Makes me want to listen again to this track.

Switching back to the Verite Open with the above track:

WOW…presence is in your face! It sounds the same but with better well everything…=( sorry HD800(SDR) well…actually the highs and stage is “better” on the HD800(SDR)…Ok with the Verite Opens this track gets very intimate and “present” almost overwhelming/encompassing… it is easy to get lost on the sea of ZMF with this combo…

New song:

Ok, starting with the Verite Open… just sounds right… vocals are up front with the instruments just hanging right behind them, but, with impact and clarity! Really liking the drums on this track in the background…fantastic

Ok back to the HD800(SDR) Cleaner…less warm… vocals are still upfront but drums and instruments are closer and wider. Addictive… feels “fresh” and “lite”

So this is tough and honestly both have excellent qualities and merits that I wouldn’t/couldn’t pronounce a “winner” but, honestly could be very happy with either. Depending on mood, either “crisp” “clean” or “warm” “intimate” with “depth” is how I would choose. Mind you this is on this specific chain… but damn if both aren’t exceptional sounding headphones… I am a believer in multiple headphones for “spice of life” listening… and this little experiment just re-enforces that belief.

But, if you asked me to pick only one of these two…I would have to give it to the Verite Open.


Fixed that for you. Couldn’t help it. Sorry.


Boy your making it hard here!!


When I was thinking about the HD800s six months ago, I almost bought them but a friend said you need to go listen to the Focal Clears…I did and I bought them…it was the tonality of instruments etc and voices…things sound so “accurate” to me…

They pair well with most amps except the BH Crack/SB etc…

Now that I am able to try these in the Community program I think I will go thru this route before making a decision…

Wonder if Senn has any near term surprises in the 800 lineup?



These cans are on my list to preview! I have to hear what this soundstage sounds like. ::slight_smile:


I think my perfect headphone would be a cross between the Focal Clears and the 800s. The former for tone and the later for soundstage…


Surgery finally performed yesterday !!! I sanitized my hands and the area before :wink:.

My wife tweezers ended up being the right tool for the job and not the little screwdrivers on the first picture.
The peeling of that “fabric” freak me out at the beginning!! You feel is gonna break.
The change is actually more than I was expecting, is a more significant improvement than using True-Fi from Sonarworks.
Thanks for all the guidance and advice here months ago!!



My hands started sweating as I went thru the pictures in full size.

Well done!


Thanks!! Mine were too :cold_sweat:

Haha yes I’m not made for this kind of job and suspension is the least I withstand(Edit the first word I used and now to “withstand” changed was wrong):slight_smile: @Hansel
Is this a mod for working on a HD800 (non S) to bring it near the 800S signature?
How is this mod called?


I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I ended up buying the HD 800S.


Yes, it is. It is called SDR Mod ( SuperDupont Resonator or French Mod), I got the resonators from the guy who created them in France easily 8 months ago, but was doing fine with True Fi until curiosity and courage where more than my fears.
I have never heard the HD800S, but most people say this modification is the only difference between 800 and 800S and of course the color and a second cable that comes with the later. Some others affirm that the modded HD800 has more “quality” in the bass region than the 800S, who definitely has more “quantity”.
Months ago @Torq guide me to the French guy and the whole forum talking about it, @TylersEclectic also help me with his opinion about it, he has one with this sdr mod, thanks guys!!


How cool is that?!

So you saved hopefully a ton of dollars with the 800 purchase, have now the better quality low end and the rest of the 800s signature.

It is the better headphone vs the 800s if one is into less though better low end.

Would love to audition the 800 SDR Mod in future!

I had tried the 800s a few times and it was impressive.

Congratulations on this one @Hansel !

What a nice community we are part of :slight_smile:


Yes!! Is an amazing community, no doubt about that!!
If one day you are visiting Manhattan and don’t mind passing by the not interesting New Jersey :yawning_face:, you are more than welcome to audition mine. :+1:


Jersey shore!!? You know Pauly D?? Lol jk…
A video I produced, directed and co-filmed of him, he was actually really nice.

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