Sennheiser HD 800 S - Open Back Dynamic Headphone - Official Thread

I’m considering them too.
I believe that coupled with my custom Mogwai OG they will sound very nice.
Share your impressions when they’ll arrive.


Will do. Running off Soloist/Bifrost 2 for the time being.

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My take:

I’ve had my HD800 since 7/16 and my HD800S since 9/19. Can’t see myself ever selling either one.

I have owned HD600 and Utopia (both sold) and currently have 1266PHI with CC pads and Susvara in it’s latest iteration, and a RAAL SR1a.

The HD800 series will always be a benchmark for me with my (predominantly classical) music and still provides a very satisfying listening experience that is among the most comfortable to wear that I’ve experienced.

Along with my Susvara (at 4 times the price), both HD’s have a very nicely balanced sound top to bottom and correct amp-ing makes a positive difference. While not set in stone, I like OTL or transformer’d or hybrid tube amps with the HD’s or some of the more pricey solid state amps. Not the ultimate in this or that particular area but overall both deliver for my ears. Just a nice balance of the various sonic qualities I listen for.

The SR1a is an inner detailing monster but I generally use a little EQ on the bottom to get the bass where I feel it belongs, and that need varies greatly from one recording to the next. My 1266 is a bass monster.

Also, I did try the Drop HDXXX but sent back, not an improvement with classical to my ears. Maybe better for more popular genres.

And, as always, there is no one phone to rule them all.


They were orgasmic on my Leeloo/Pendant, so I bet they are going to be magical on the Mogwai.

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The only thing that has stopped me until now is my love for punch.
But for electroacoustic/acousmatic music I’m currently studying I believe I don’t need impact.
Having a decent tube amp I’ve rediscovered my Sennheiser’s.
Not give a try to HD800s after HD600 and HD660 sounds impossible so I believe soon I’ll go for them.
The store where I repair turntables has a returned pair that have been used for one day and are like new. For something around $900 it seems a crime not get them.
Thank you for your feedback.

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Good combo, something to be happy with for a lot of time.

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So, I just started listening to the HD 800 S for the first time less than five minutes ago.
I honestly checked my Burson to make sure everything was correct because I thought the track was somehow coming from my speakers. I took off the headphones and realized, nope, everything is right.

Much to listen to, both in cans and music, but as a VERY first impression, no other headphones (mind you, not a ton of experience) quite shocked me like this. Most emotional reaction to a first play (Mozart) I’ve experienced.


Wait till you get it on tubes (especially something like the Stellaris, I can only imagine)…I have a very cheap tube amp and i think it’s incredible. 800s and the Arya are my 2 favorite headphones atm.

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At this rate, I am almost inclined to buy a Kenzie OG or something to use for a year until the Stellaris is ready and theoretically sell (or keep both, who knows).

What Mozart recording? Want to replicate on my end.

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A classic I am simply very familiar with: The Overture from The Marriage of Figaro as performed by Wiener Philharmonic.