Sennheiser HD6xx or 58x on massdrop

Hey All, I had pretty much decided to go with the Sennheiser HD6XX on massdrop, but I don’t like to be hasty about things, so well, I missed out. In their place now is the 58X for $150. Oh, I was also going to order the O2 amp to go with.

At the risk of repeating my introductory post, I’m living in an apartment and need headphones to listen to music and to play my guitar through a modeling amp. I need the HPs to be as neutral as possible mostly for the sake of the modeler. I don’t want any bumps or dips anywhere while I’m trying to tweek values on the guitar amp’s EQ. For music, I prefer a very balanced, neutral listening experience anyway. I’m old.

So just throwing it out there so I can figure my next move. How does the 58X compare to the 6XX? Should I just wait for the 6XX to be available again? If I get the 58X, will it still be to my advantage to get the O2 amp? Given what I’ve stated here, is there any good reason to consider the Hifiman planars that massdrop also has for $150?

Thanks for any help.

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