Sennheiser Parts

A FWIW post.
I picked up my now very old Sennheiser HD 580 Precision phones and noticed that the inside
foam liner over the speakers was rotting away, The support padding on the inside of the headband
was also all puckered up.
So I went online and searched for availability of replacement parts. Of course, as usual, Amazon
dominates the search function. Long story short, I found that going directly to the source (Sennheiser)
turned out to be the cheapest option. They also have free shipping.


Looks like directly from sennheiser is the best way to find grills for these as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a set of 600 grills for my 580.

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I’ve had good luck in the past with - they ship to the US - and with, although the latter’s website is down right now, as I type this.

Edit; it’s probably also worth mentioning that I’ve seen parts being listed as out of stock quite a bit recently. I assume that’s mostly to do with the global shortages and disruptions, not something specific to Sennheiser’s consumer audio division.