Repair of Sennheiser HD580 Precision

Please move this if necessary. I could not see a specific place to post.
I contacted Sennheiser several weeks ago about repair for my HD580. I’ve had a problem for years with the left channel cutting out. Years back I ordered a new cable set but that didn’t fix it. Earlier this year I replaced the ear pads and headband pad so the phones look brand new.
The cutting out persists so after doing inter web research, I’ve concluded that the fault lies with the contact spring at the voice coil.
Sennheiser said they regretted to inform me that the model is discontinued and parts were no longer available so they could not help me. I watched a Youtube video of someone doing a spring replacement.
My 74 yo eyes an Arthritic hands would not be able to do that task even if parts were available.
The phones are still useable but it’s kind of a PITA to keep having to wiggle the wires.
Any suggestions or are the ready for the trash can?

The version named HD 58X sells for between $129 and $179. It may be cheaper to just buy a new set, particularly if you want to stick with something similar.


Pretty sure they use 600 drivers. Could be wrong. The 580 has the black screen baffle which helps the 600 driver.

I wouldn’t get the 58x. It’s totally different.

Try to order 2 new 600 drivers or find a older 600 and put the 600 drivers in the 580 black screen baffle.


I agree that this seems to likely be the case. If you know of anyone local to you who has a steady hand and may feel comfortable replacing the springs for you, that would be the first thing I’d recommend. Or maybe there are some forum members local to you who might be able and willing to assist.

Worst case scenario is that the drivers need to be replaced, and the closest thing to original HD580 drivers that Sennheiser still produces today, are the HD600 drivers. Allegedly with new production HD600 drivers, the resulting sound will vary only a slight amount at most compared to the originals, likely an insignificant amount.

Either way, the HD580 is a headphone worth preserving. If you’re ready to give up on them, you can easily find a buyer for it who will pay a fair price for it. So the trash can isn’t an option either way.


If you can manage it, take a toothpick and push the spring together so it makes a tighter contact with the connector prongs. That’s what we used to do before the replacement parts were available.

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Get the springs from a current model, HD 650 phone that uses the same type of connector. Those parts should be available. Sennheiser was less than helpful to suggest they are not available at all.
I think I’ve seen the same YouTube video, so it will take steady hands to avoid breaking the wires from the drivers.
The tooth pick idea you could try first to see if that can buy you more time.
Good luck.

For those pointing at the HD58X Jubilee to get to replace, the HD58X is not the same headphone as the HD580 Precision.

Just don’t want people to think they are the same and have expectations of the HD58X and they don’t live up to the HD580


Point taken, but the OP lacks confidence in DIY so it’ll take good money or a sympathetic technician to fix them.

Why not sell for parts or to collectors and then buy something in the same quality class? The 6XX is $220 and the HD 600 is $300 (street), both come as new, and they have factory warranties.

Thanks for everyones suggestions. The toothpick suggestion sounds like it would be worth a try.
I’ll try to find a video of someone doing that so I can see what’s involved and how difficult it is.
I messaged a local independent used equipment and repair shop but they said they don’t work on
headphones and don’t know anyone around here (ST Louis area) who does.
Not sure where I’m headed from here but I’m not too concerned as I have my recently acquired Anada set to listen to. Different flavor but great phones. Thanks again

HD 580 Precision are a special headphone worth preserving.

You might want to try swapping in new magnetic coils with diaphragms (lollipop section) if the toothpick/spring fix doesn’t work.

You can buy the capsules/drivers with coils here, among other parts.


Update Today:
After doing some more research, it seems parts availability is basically non existent.
So, with the “what have I got to loose” attitude I decided to try to fix them myself. Watched a You tube video about taking apart and replacing parts just to get an idea of what I was getting in to. Easy enough so I jumped in with abandon.
I’ll be honest in that I don’t know what the toothpick method is and could find no explanation on line. I was successful in removing the lolipop without breaking the retainers but that’s when I got in trouble.
The tiny spring fell out as I was trying to tighten the coils and on then got tangled in the barely visible wires. I finally managed to extract it without breaking the wire.
When trying to install the spring. I was compressing it with tiny needle nose pliers and it slipped out and flew away (twice). After giving my not nice vocabulary a good workout, I finally located the spring and managed to reassemble everything.
Much to my delight, it works! I’ve wiggled the wires at the earcup and no cutting out. I know it’s probably an illusion but I swear they even sound better than before.
I would like to thank everyone for jumping in with suggestions. This is a great forum with great members and I’m glad to be a member.



Nice work. Congrats and enjoy!


Awesome! You saved a treasure!


congrats! glad it worked out for you!

Makes you think about what’s going on with 500-strand mega-beefy headphone cables ending up being attached to the transducer via wires you can barely see.