Sennheiser releases a new gaming headphone: GSP 600

I’ve got one on the way and will be posting a review soon!

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We got our Sennheiser GSP 600 review unit in today so I brought my in my Nintendo Switch to get started on the review. Any day I have an excuse to play some games (especially Zelda) at work is a good day in my books!

I also shot a quick little unboxing video this morning. Let me know what you guys think!

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Headphones are the only way to game, especially with closed high performance units. The ability to “hear” footsteps, even someone breathing, can give you a definite edge. I hadn’t heard of these units before but they look very promising, thanks

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I mostly agree. Lots of games where it’s more or less a first-person shooter you really need detailed sound cues to pick up what’s going on, and standard PC desktop speakers won’t get it done. I have played games on systems with full 7.2 surround speaker setups with decent quality and good power, and there, the additional directional cues can be even better, but it’s expensive, and takes a lot of space. Certainly not an “on the go” gaming setup, that’s for sure.

I think gaming headsets have their place for their convenience alone and sometimes they do have neat technologies.

Not everyone can buy a headphone, a separate microphone, amp, etc… or their wife won’t let them have that many wires hanging around the house (as is the case with me).

I have some pretty great headphones kicking around but when I’m looking to boot up a game real quick I plug in my Sennheiser Game Zeros for the convenience factor of just plugging it into a console controller and being good to go.

I’m currently comparing them to the GSP 600 and right now the Game Zeros are winning on sound quality (I believe they have the same driver as the HD 599) and the GSP 600 is winning for comfort. The clamping mechanism they have built into the headband is actually a lot nicer than I expected and my frequent complaint with the Game Zeroes was the clamping when wearing my glasses. Not the case with the GSP 600.

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I really like the Senn gaming series… I actually want some of their newer ones (currently rocking the Massdrop PC37X) but with the Mobius on order and the fact I’ll probably back the new gaming headset from Vokyl (JDS labs folks) I really don’t have room in my stable for another gaming headset… Once the Mobius comes in I’ll evaluate keeping the PC37X or not (I’m hoping not, mostly because I only really need 1-2 gaming headsets).

Can you give me a link to the Vokyl headset? All I find is ski equipment.

I posted about it here, and a representative responded with the links.

That’s GSP600. What did you mean about backing a new headset from Vokyl?

It is listed in this forum post, if you scroll down a rep posts the links for the Vokyl Erupt, a soon to be on indiegogo gaming headset.

You didn’t click on the attached article in my post, that will take you to the post where the links are.